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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to Our (well my) Blog...I doubt Steve will be writing many posts so this is more my blog about the two of us and our life together!

I always told myself when I get married and have a family I want to have a blog!! Well I'm not married ... yet but I figured why not start this now! Yep emphasis on yet because yesterday on Monday August 29, 2011 something pretty awesome happened. We got Engaged!!!!!!

It was perfect and I was totally surprised.  He proposed in the pasture south of the farm at sunset with just the cows as our witness :-) it was perfect!!

We are waiting to tell people so don't feel bad that you didn't find out for a week!! I want to tell my parents face to face so we decided to wait until after the weekend since it's labor day and everything is really hectic! I've had to refrain myself from calling or texting people because I don't want it to slip and I've been taking my ring off at work so no one there knows before our parents. This secret is killing me but at the same time it is fun to know that Steven and I are the only one's who know!! :-)

I hope you enjoy this blog and I'm going to try to update on a regular basis!

- Laura Beth