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Thursday, January 22, 2015

With Love, LB | Letter 1

Catching up on blog reading {and writing} couldn't have come at a better time for me. With having Monday off, it was a perfect 'me' day and I have REALLY missed this little {tiny} piece of internet I own. Honestly though, anyone who reads this space of mine, Thank You, because I'm so horrible at reading other people's blogs so the fact that you take time to read my sporadic posts means a lot.

Alright, now that the intro is out of the way I'm joining a blogging favorite for a letter. This one is to me, a letter for the new year.

Dear Laura Beth,

You came a long way in 2014, you grew in your faith and understood so much more about yourself. But you can do even better this year! Don't put up a front and stick to your guns, what you believe is important to you and don't forget you can show it in public too. However, don't forget only God can judge you; church is important but I know you are getting to know God in your own way. There is nothing wrong with interacting with the Christian community you've met online and yes, sometimes that means reading the Bible in your pjs from the comfort of your bed - something the older church generation will never understand.

Remember why you chose your 2nd SSMT verse - work on trusting people until they give you a reason not to, pray for them instead of hate and even if they don't hear your gossip, you wouldn't want it said about you, so bite your tounge.

Psalm 34:12-13
Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days,
keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies

2014 was great but I think 2015 is going to be even better {especially if you can talk the husband into that coastal road trip}.

Take care of yourself [aka] get off your butt and do some physical activity!

Pray your little heart out for friends and family fighting that nasty C word and be a kick-ass Co Chair for Relay for Life.

Make it a phenomenal year - you and the Mr. started 2015 off wonderfully so don't forget to make time for each other keep the good year going!

With All My Love.
                       - LB

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bossy B - 9mo 14days

Today Brea is 9 months 14 days old. And your reaction to that is pretty much nothing. But for me it is a type of milestone. Gunner only lived 9 months and 13 days - each day after that, that we have Brea is a celebration to me. Because I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry - lying if I said each car driving by or strange noise outside makes my heart sink … it sinks until I see Brea trotting along eating cow poop like nothing is the matter.

I pray she grows old and is on this farm for a very long time - so we take it one day at a time with this beautiful girl praying this puppy becomes a year and two and so on.

For now though she is A puppy and Our Baby. Our 9 month 14 day old 80+ lb baby.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014 in Review : Mrs. Laura Beth

Half way through the first month of 2015 might be too late to recap 2014 {not to mention posting on a Saturday afternoon is taboo} but I don't follow many blogging rules so here it goes!!

2014 was Fantastic. I really don't know how 2015 is going to top it ... it sure has a lot to live up to!

January //
// NDSU (our Alma Mater) won the FCS Championship for the 3rd Year in a row - I made my first 'freebie' in celebration
// I met a fellow North Dakota Blogger - and we drank at a bar on a frozen lake

Minnesota, North Dakota, Blogger, The Samantha Life

February //
// My husband turned 27
// We moved out of our first home together as a married couple and into the family farmhouse
// We Welcomed Weston into the church

March //
// Our oldest niece turned 6
// I welcomed a new obsession - Kelly Moore Bags
// Baby Finn (the calf) was born on my Birthday

April //
// I attended my first Christian Concert with my dad
// We had our 1st Annual Pinterest Party
// My Dad turned 66
// I virtually hung out with some of my dearest blogging ladies
// My Sister turned 24

May //
// 2nd Annual Derby Party at my Sister-In-Laws
// I added 2 new tattoos
// Watched my Dad march on Memorial Day

June //
// We got Brea

July //

August //
// Busy Busy Busy with photography 
// Attended a photo getaway weekend with my SIL 
// Our youngest niece turned 4
// Steve and I made our first batch of frozen sweet corn
// I took our family pictures

September //
// We celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary
// Went to ESPN College GameDay in Fargo
// Got a new Blog Design from Ashley

October //
// My cousin got married
// Brought my sister to her first Christian concert
// Celebrated a year at my job
// Enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL fall weather

November // 
// Brea saw her first snow
// I met a sweet blogging friend and her baby
// Went to an AMAZING Garth Brooks concert
// I got LASIK
// Had a great Thanksgiving at the lake

December // 
// My husband did some amazing home improvement projects
// Loved the NTD Advent Study
// Steve had LASIK
// Celebrated some good friends getting married
// Blessed with family Christmas celebrations {x's 5}
// Ended 2014 surrounded by good friends at our house

If you were part of my 2014 in any way shape or form 
- Thank You - 
it was unforgettable!! 

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