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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Quinn : 6 months

s i x m o n t h s
Quinn you've been with us for 1/2 a year and I'm trying not to cry. The time with you has been amazing and flown by WAY TOO FAST.
You are a master at rolling and want to crawl but haven't figured it out yet, so instead you move in circles on your stomach and roll to get where you want to go!
You've been moved to the pack & play at daycare for naps and are starting to only take 1/2 hour naps, thankfully it doesn't hurt your nighttime sleep where you get 10.5-11 hrs!! Your hair is starting to come back in and growing over one of your ears, it's the cutest thing. You are a Drool Machine but still no sign of those teeth! You can sit up pretty well on your own & try to get there on your own but instead get a great ab workout!! Lots of firsts this week: wedding, hotel stay, 2.5 hr car trip, MNF game (on TV), daddy daycare day, picking apples, and helped mom with a senior photoshoot.
Giggling and Babbling are some of our favorite sounds from you, you weigh a little over 15 lbs and we are so blessed by you in our lives!!

Loves: standing, rolling, her tongue, watching TV, chewing her thumb, grabbing her feet, playing peek-a-boo, Tags
Hates: waiting to eat, being overtired
Nicknames: gremlin, miss Quinn, chunky chicken, Quinn babe
Skills: rolling champ, sleeping through the night (again 👏🏼), sitting on her own












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