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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brea and the Chase

Good Morning...
or maybe not such a good morning because Brea has decided to chase my car when I leave for work. As I pointed out on Instagram I am NOT a morning person and apparently Brea is having some separation anxiety, unfortunately this does not help my mood or my ability to arrive at work on time. People with farm dogs, any tips on getting your dog not to chase cars?? I'm so sad because she was doing so good and now all the sudden she thinks she needs to come with me. She is almost 7 months old is that equivalent to the terrible twos??

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Anyway, before 9am I was on my second cup of coffee {that never happens I usually only have one cup} and I am ready for this Tuesday to be over!!

Hope your Tuesday started better than mine!!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Where I Come From - Norway

Remember that time I went to Norway and didn't talk about it on the blog?! Well, I'm going to start and there will be multiple posts because we were there for two weeks and that is way to much stuff to cram into one post. So I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts from our wonderful vacation!

Norway, landscape, klm

Our vacation was underway. We had landed in Norway, all of us a little exhausted but at the same time ready to explore this beautiful country. No time was wasted on the exploring part - we hopped on a bus in Oslo, traveled to Hamar and had an hour to freshen up before distant relatives picked us up!

One of the main reasons for going to Norway was to visit the farm my {paternal} Great-Great Grandfather came from in Tangen. My dad had been in contact with the family that currently lives there and we were so excited to figure out where our roots started!

Storhoff, Storhov, Norway, family history

My Dad and Erik chatted over family history as best they could. No one in my family speaks Norwegian and Erik knew some English but the conversation was a struggle. Erik's daughter, Hege, was excellent at English so it was nice she could be our translator! This was one thing that made me feel like a spoiled American for sure - not knowing their language.

ancestors, genealogy, family history, edward sellner, Norway

We aren't exactly sure our relation to Erik or his parents but our trip to visit the Storhovs was such a wonderful experience. To be able to say I walked on the same land my Great-Great Grandfather did is pretty special!! We know, somewhere down the line we are family and that is what matters. They were so kind to us and we were showered with gifts, food and memories to last a lifetime!!

Norway, farm, countryside

Relatives, Norway

Summer Cake, Fruit Pizza

Tangen, Norway

I know this won't be the last time I say this but Norway is Breathtakingly Beautiful, pictures hardly do it justice and it is almost impossible to explain the grandeur of the countryside, the mountains and the glacial blue water - if you ever get a chance to go DO IT!!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently // October

Yesterday I attended an amazing class for my job on writing. It really inspired me to go home last night and write tons of blog posts but, who am I kidding; I got home, made supper and snuggled up to watch The Voice with Steve because that just sounded more fun!! I did write in my prayer journal though, so not all my creative writing juices were lost.

Since I didn't write a post last night I'm bringing you {at 2 in the afternoon} Currently - The October Edition. Enjoy and throw up some leaves because Fall is officially here!!

Celebrating // Finishing some editing ... seriously it is like a mini party every time I get done with a 300+ photo session!! Downside is I still have 7 more sessions to edit and the appointments aren't stopping.

Baking // I have Zero baking skills {or patience for it} so this is one thing that doesn't happen in our house. But, I do have some frozen peaches and might try my hand at a cobbler - recipes welcome!!

Loving // My new headbands from Wonderfully Stitched - Adorable Boot Cuffs from Trista's Creations - Warm Fall Headbands from Erika Joy Design - Brea Babe who will be 6mo on the 6th - and as always my Farmer ... Oh and Fall I LOVE Fall!

Planning // To sing my little heart out at the Garth Brooks concert in November. He is coming to Minneapolis and tickets go on sale this week #CantContainMyExcitement

Smelling // Bath & Body Works candles - they are my weakness and with every season change I seem to buy more and then when Fall/Winter comes around I just go overboard. Right now my kitchen is filled with the smell of Thanksgiving Morning and our living room smells like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - Fall smells are THE BEST!!

Also I'd like to congratulate the winners of the Giveaway. I was so happy when their names came up because they are two of my favorites in the new mom and blog friend category!! Erin won the copy of Blog, Inc. and Kathryn won shop credit to Erika Joy Design. Congrats Mammas!!

Now, Let me know - What have you been up to Currently?

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