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Monday, July 24, 2017

Nursing Must Haves

I've been meaning to put some posts together of things that have saved me during this transition into first time parent. I love reading these from other moms so I hope you enjoy!!

We are a little over 3 months into our nursing journey and I'm so thankful - if you would have asked me on day 6 if I enjoyed it I probably would have broke down in tears. It is a crazy big adjustment, see also PAINFUL, I never thought my nipples would heal!! I'd obviously never done it before and then sleep deprived trying to feed this little human who is also new at it while stressing that they aren't getting enough, or that the latch isn't right and ohhh and the cluster feeding ... wow seems like ages ago! So, new moms, I promise it gets better.

Here are some things that I've found helpful:

// Lanolin or some type of nipple ointment // For the first couple weeks I was making sure this was being applied after every feeding and it helped soothe but I think just putting breast milk on and letting it dry was what healed my nipples the best - that and Quinn and I finally figuring each other out!

// Timer App // I got the app Baby Tracker and it has a timer so you can keep track of each side and then it reminds you what side to start on next - suuuuper helpful!

// Nursing Bra // This sounds like a no brainer but I almost forgot to get one. I currently have a cheap one from zulily but am looking at the new one that ThirdLove just came out with. I've heard a lot about this company lately (hello 1/2 cup sizes), and just look how comfy this bra looks!! *ThirdLove is giving my readers 10% off of the new collection, just use code TLJLY10 

// Nursing Tanks // I've always been someone who wears a cami under my shirts and let's face it those aren't nursing friendly at all. I have some perfect nursing ones now from Target

// Snacks // Some of my favorite easy little snacks for keeping my body in milk-making mode are KIND bars, Peanut Butter on anything and everything, oatmeal energy balls and cheese sticks. To be honest, eating is one of the things I find hardest - I'm just not used to eating this much!!

// Boppy Pillow // This was helpful when she was smaller and so awkward to hold, plus it allowed a little more hands free nursing

// Nursing pads // I use the Lansinoh brand and also have the reusable bamboobies

// Nursing Cover // For nursing in public without giving everyone a show. I have one from Copper Pearl that I also use as a carseat cover, and that is handy then it is always with us

// Mom Dresses // With going back to work I needed some more nursing friendly clothes. I have a few wrap dresses that are nice and easy to pull down. I also just found these dresses with a hidden side zipper from Roolee and that is a nice feature!

// Patience // As I mentioned earlier this didn't come easily for me. I was so stressed because she was a sleepy eater so I worried that she wasn't getting enough or that the latch was wrong. Then she was spitting up blood that ended up being from my raw nipples *sorry for that graphic* but when your 7 day old is spitting up blood you freak out a little and I'm thankful it was just from that!! Our hospital has a great lactation staff and we visited them a few times, their reassurance and help was so nice and I left there always wishing I could fit their fancy scale in my diaper bag!!

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting and more that I'll learn along the way but this is my short little list so far. What are your must haves??

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Quinn : Month 3

t h r e e m o n t h s
Quinn this was a busy month, you got your two month shots on June 12th and took them like a champ. By now you probably weigh over 12 lbs (you were 11lbs and 23in at your appointment) 
We stayed at the lake a few times and you are so good at traveling and sleeping new places!! Celebrated Dad's first Father's Day and you gifted him a long nap 💙 We did a lot of baby wearing and I had a hard time watching you grow up knowing I went back to work July 5 - but you (and I) survived your first three days of daycare so now we will learn a new routine. You seem to be learning every day are slowly outgrowing your swaddle and managed to army crawl and roll (kick) to your stomach on July 4 and you Love to stand, with assistance of course!! Tonight we are making you sleep in your room for the first time and I am going to miss you so much!! You are seriously so fun right now your dad and I just love to interact with you - his favorite is to blow on you and watch your reaction and I love to do 'so big' and watch you get a HUGE grin. 

Loves: car rides, making faces with mom & dad, her DockATot, silent laughing (haven't quite got the sound part down), being worn, watching baseball on TV, her tongue 

Hates: same as last month (being gassy, waiting to eat, being overtired, getting her nose cleaned out)

Nicknames: baby girl, little gremlin, Quinnie, chunky chicken, miss Q, munchkin, girlfriend 

Skills: kicking, grabbing at items & sticking them in her mouth, army crawl/scooting, rolling from stomach to back, standing (with help)

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