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Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Lately

Well lets see, life revolves around the 'lil lady of the house :Brea: but I am going to try and write a post that doesn't revolve around her {key word - try}.

Life Lately

:: Lately I have been enjoying my book by a fellow blogger called Children of the Most High

:: Lately the rain doesn't seem to want to stop - I want Summer and sunshine!!

:: Lately I have been getting really excited for the 4th of July. Every year we have a big bash at my parents' lake home and I can't wait for another great year

:: Lately I feel like summer is already over before it has officially started. We have so many planned events and that makes the summer fly by way too fast

:: Lately I have been reading my Bible and immersing myself in His word - it feels amazing. I am a little behind in my #MilkingStoolMinistry but I think Amber will forgive me. I am learning so many amazing things in the book of John!

:: Lately even though the rain needs to stop I LOVE watching the lightning during a storm

:: Lately I have been so so so frustrated with Aflac - it took them over 3 months to change my credit card after the Target breach; but they didn't even change it and said my policy was cancelled because my card didn't work

:: Lately my ND blogging bestie has been looking for other ND bloggers >> If you are one CLICK HERE

:: Lately I have been really busy with my photography business - Just last night I got to snuggle a 2 week old {swoon}


What have you been up to Lately? Let me know what is on your mind!!

Steven, Brea and I are headed to the lake tonight after work and I hope the sun shines even at night because there has been WAY to much precipitation down there!!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I have a Home

My Pinterest feed has been blowing up lately with beautiful houses, interior and exterior photos, and it got me thinking ... I have a Home not a House.

What do I mean??

Well, let me take you back to 'high school Laura'. Piles of clothes everywhere - cleaning really wasn't my thing unless I got the sudden urge at 3 in the morning! I would rather have been hanging out with friends, watching a movie, or reading a book! Totally opposite from my little sister; she always said, instead of reading she wanted to use her time for other things {and yes cleaning was in that category for her}. 

Not much has changed for me, my philosophy is to enjoy my days and not worry about a house that looks magazine or pinterest worthy {aka Un-lived in}. Some people have the cleaning gene, I am not one of them. I have enough things to worry about and piles of clothes is not one of them. 

Now I am not saying I don't dust or vacuum - that stuff has to be done and is done. I'm talking about the dishes in the living room from last nights supper; the blanket that Brea drug all over the house still laying on the dining room floor; the pile of unfolded {clean} towels we pick from instead of folding them; the spare bedroom that has become my giant closet full of clean clothes strewn about. These are the things that make my house a home - the hints that we Live there and inhabit the space - the hints that we got too busy in the field, watching a movie or playing with Brea that we didn't want to waste valuable time with each other worrying about the things that were out of place!

I don't have a Pinterest living space and that is just fine with me. On any given day you will walk into my house and find what can be considered a mess but that is okay because it is my mess not yours; it is my reminder we are living in a House we have made a Home.

So don't walk into my house and judge the catastrophe ... walk into my house and enjoy the company!!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Brea : 9 Weeks

Brea is 9 weeks olds today and we have officially had her for 1 week!

Like I mentioned on Instagram my lifestyle has totally changed - she rules the roost for sure. Forgetting to eat, put makeup on and go to the bathroom are now regular occurrences!! 

I am that crazy dog mom and have an unconditional love for her. I already have over 80 photos of her and that isn't counting my DSLR ones!! 

Steven and I are head over heels and she is our new leading lady! 

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebration of Life

Celebration of the day you took your first breath - Celebration of life

I see far too many people dread these things called Birthdays but in my experience they should be treasured and not cursed because the next one is not promised!!  

The American Cancer Society has estimated that in 2014 One Million Six Hundred Sixty-Five Thousand Five Hundred Forty (1,665,540) people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer, it has also been estimated that Five Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty (585,720) people will die from cancer in 2014. 

Those are scary numbers!! Chances are you and I are going to know at least one person who passes away or gets diagnosed this year - so celebrate life each day and especially the birthdays!! 


June 4th is my mom's birthday - she has officially lived to be older than her mother ever was. My grandma passed away from breast cancer at the age of 58, five months before I was born. 

I think this is one of the many reasons birthdays have been a big deal in our family. We give cards, we enjoy each others company and give thanks for another glorious year!

Card Display my husband made for Mother's Day

My advice to you is to celebrate those people in your life that mean the very most to you. Even if it is just a card, the thought truly counts - create and customize a card for them from Treat Greeting Cards or contact Erika Joy Design for a beautiful handmade card!


Happy Birthday to my beautiful Momma - I love you!!

{If you would like to donate to the Relay for Life team I walk with >Click Here< Relay is on Friday}

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Coincidence or Fate or God's Plan

Two years ago our life was drastically changed when we lost our puppy, Gunner. Yesterday, though, we made June 1st a happy day! 

Little miss Brea joined our family. She is actually Gunner's half sister, as they both have the same Sire. 

As much as we are not ready for a new little one in our home {any tips for potty-training and sleep at night are welcome} we couldn't be more excited. She will be that missing little piece for us and even more special because she shares the same blood as our sweet Gunner Baby! 

So in 2012 we lost our sweet sweet boy and now exactly 2 years later we brought a little girl home - I don't know if this is just a huge crazy coincidence or fate or His plan, whatever it is, I'll take it!!

Without further ado - Blog World, Meet Brea!! 


Be prepared to see a lot of her. You can follow her hashtag on Twitter and Instagram #BreaRote 

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