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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five Random Things on Thursday

I love reading people's About Me pages or their random posts with little "about me's" in them. It gives us a chance to see they are a real person and gives us that moment where we can say 'oh my goodness Me Too!'

So on this wonderful Thursday I want to share 5 Random Things about Me. I hope you enjoy and have a few 'me too' moments!!

1. Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Caramels are my guilty pleasure. Seriously the best of everything! Salty:Sweet:Chocolate:Caramel -- mmm my mouth is watering as I type!

2. I must have a box of tissues in my car along with a garbage. I know this one is really random but it seems I always need to blow my nose when we are driving somewhere. I am sure once we have kids this will also come in really handy for more than just blowing their nose {aka. kids are messy {see also >>} that is why we don't have them right now}

3. I hardly ever wear perfume or scented lotions. I have a very sensitive stomach and almost always get nauseous when I smell a strong perfume or cologne. {and that is why my husband has an all natural cow scent going on and not the latest scent from Giorgio-Armani}

4. I won't use my bath towel more than once. I don't care how clean I may be when I get out of the shower, the next day I'll use a new one instead of risking wiping my face where I wiped my butt the day before!!

5. I set 8 alarms. 6:31, 6:46, 6:50, 7:03, 7:11, 7:15, 7:25, 7:42 : This is not a joke I LOVE my sleep and apparently love to press my snooze button. I usually wake up around the 7:03 alarm but have the other ones for backup. I used to have 3 alarm clocks placed all around my bedroom growing up in hopes I'd get up to turn them off and then stay up - No such luck my mom almost always woke me up and turned them off because I'd sleep right through them. 

There you have it: 5 Random things about me. Now I am off to play with my new Instax camera!!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

What a wonderful Number

Over the weekend I reached 200 followers on Bloglovin'. Yep I know that doesn't sound like much to a lot of you but I was thrilled. 

Thrilled for all of you. For the strangers who have become friends. For the people who are interested in what I put on this blog. 

As a thank you I have some treats for two lucky readers!

:: Free Bottles of Wine Sponsorship Ad ::

:: A Thirty-One Thermal Tote ::

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Florken Love Story

Happy Friday wonderful readers! I am super excited for this work week to be over and it was a short week {why do they always seem the longest}. This weekend I will be attending a friend’s bachelorette party and can’t wait to party with some old high school friends {I better start hydrating now}!!
I have a wonderful treat for you today. A dear friend is taking over the blog to talk about love and I love Love so please give Kate {and Adam} a warm welcome!!


Thrilled to be posting today! I'm Kate and I blog over at the "florkens" with my husband, Adam. (Yes, he blogs with me!) We share a WHOLE lot over there... like how I didn't really enjoy our wedding, or our secret tattoos, or how I recently dropped my iPhone in the toilet. On Thursdays, I share my wardrobe makeover with the world and on Fridays we typically turn on the webcam, cross our fingers, and act like idiots for a bit with our Vlog! But, we do have limits, I assure you. Check out the 5 things I'll never blog about.

Still -- we've never taken time on the blog to really explain how we met... which is something we're asked quite often. So, I thought the readers of Mrs. Laura Beth may like to hear the tale and learn a bit more about how we ended up being the "Florkens."

You know how in movies, couples meet in the cutest ways? They always are standing in line at a coffee shop, or they reach for the last Everything Bagel at the same time... It's always cheesy but you think to yourself... "Yeaahh!" 

Well, Adam and I didn't meet like that. Not even close. We met on Now this is not an endorsement of Match in particular (although I obviously thumbs-up the whole online dating thing) but this it is a real breakdown of how everyday people meet, learn about each other, and fall in love.

Adam "winked" at me on It's kind of like "poking" on Facebook -- completely pointless but somehow it sends a message. I decided that instead of winking back, I'd just message him. I did. It went ok. I can't say that I remember much about those messages. Honestly, I was messaging several guys on the site. When keeping the conversations in my head straight, I would use like monikers for each dude. Adam's was, "The Ginger." 
We agreed to finally exchange numbers. We talked on the phone briefly. Mainly it was a text thing. After about a week, I decided he wasn't a weird and I asked, "So, when are you taking me out?"

Now he always tells me that's when he knew he liked me -- he saw that I was assertive, bold, and would ask for what I wanted. We decided to meet up on a Sunday afternoon at a local mexican restaurant. I almost backed out on the date because I was having "one of those days" where I just felt terrible about myself. You know how those go -- I felt fat, ugly, and could have sworn I didn't own a single cute outfit. I called my mom to tell her that I wasn't going. She said, "Kate -- you never know when you'll meet Mr. Right. This could be him." I snorted laughter and said something to the effect of, "I doubt it. But I guess I shouldn't pass on a free margarita."

I beat Adam to the restaurant. I waited for him in this little lobby thing. I kept staring at the drivers of cars as they pulled into the parking lot. I knew that when I saw "red" that he was there. I texted him, just to let him know that I was there. He said it was just a couple minutes away. When he arrived, I remember kind of being amazed watching him walk across the parking lot. This Ginger was WAAAAYY hotter than his pictures. I later found out that he was using pictures from high school and his first year in college so they were all very outdated. 

We grabbed a table. We ordered. I asked for a "regular" margarita and they practically brought me a sombrero full. It was embarrassingly large. We talked. He learned that I was in law school. I learned that he was getting his PhD. He picked up the check. We didn't want to part, so we met up at a local Starbucks for coffee and tea.

We sat outside and talked more. At this point, our first date was nearly four hours long. It was amazing. He was amazing. I was in shock. 

I went home that night relunctantly. I wanted to stay longer... get to know this man more. I just felt drawn to him. We had the second date scheduled within a day. 
So here's the deal. We didn't reach for the same bagel, but we were both out there reaching for something...we had put ourselves "out there" reaching for each other. It's not a "cute" meeting. But it is a meeting that I wouldn't change for the world!

Hope you stop by the blog and say "hi"! We'd love to meet you!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boy Behind The Blog

Welcome to another installment of The Boy Behind The Blog. I hope you enjoy learning some new things about my hubby! 

1. What was your favorite movie of 2013?
We're The Millers {he is a sucker for any movie with Jennifer}

2. What is your all time favorite movie quote?
Anything from Dumb & Dumber 

3. What is your favorite type of movie?
Toss up between Comedy and Action

4. What is your New Year's Resolution?
I don't have one. Never have had one and probably never will.

5. Finish the sentence: This year I will…
Become a Millionaire {well I am all for that I guess}

Mal Smiles

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Monday, January 20, 2014

I am not the only blogger in North Dakota!!

Wow … What a fantastic weekend!! 

This was a weekend of Firsts
. First time at the lake in 2014
. First Blate
. First time drinking at a bar on a frozen lake

I headed down after work on Friday, with my parents, to enjoy the weekend on Spirit Lake! It was a wonderful relaxing weekend mostly spent helping my sister get her little business up and running … stay tuned for info on that!

Weekend Highlight = Meeting a fellow North Dakota Blogger. If you aren't familiar with blogging lingo this is like a date for bloggers so in-turn we call them Blates. 

I happened to be paired with Samantha from Life Style Love for our Cara Box swap this month so we just knew we Had to meet up. Her parents live in lake country {in MN} only about 20 min from my parent's place so this seemed like the perfect place for a Blate! Yes we are North Dakota bloggers who met up in Minnesota, don't worry in the summer I think we are both honorary Minnesotans!!

Samantha and I met up at local bar and instantly hit it off. We talked. and talked. and talked. Seriously after eating and two glasses of wine we hardly realized it had been 3 hours and I think we could have sat there for another 3! We had so much in common and I didn't feel awkward once. 

So I am just going to come out and say it :: I have a friend I met online. Yep she is real, likes wine as much as me, and didn't try to kidnap me; I even introduced her to my parents and sister!! I am so excited to have had this opportunity, but our night didn't end there. 

We wanted a little more to blog about {of course} so why not go on an ice adventure! For the past few years, once the ice is thick enough on Lake Lida the Hillbillies Ice Hole Bar is back in business.
That is right, there is a bar located just off an ice road :: equipped with electricity; an ATM; a TV; ice fishing holes; and {of course} a stocked bar!! This place was packed and definitely a sight to see, just crazy to me all this inside an icehouse on 2 feet of ice!! 
My Dad, Sam and I having a shot of Fireball at The Ice Hole

I am sure Samantha and I will meet up over many more glasses of wine and I can NOT wait for it!!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have an even better week!!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Win By Having Relationships

Taking people for granted.

Yep I'm guilty of this. Even though all it takes is a simple text, email or hand written card, these actions get forgotten in the busyness of day to day life. 

According the author of The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, Relationships are built on mutual appreciation, and there is no better way to show that appreciation than to tell someone how much you care.

My goal this week is to send my girlfriends a card, just for because, to let them know they are appreciated!

Last night Steve and I got together with a few friends and I was so grateful to hang out with them and their little bundle of love {below}. We hadn't hung out with them in such a long time … Seriously when did life get so crazy? Or maybe it is just me and the fact that winter weather makes me want to snuggle under a pile of blankets rather than go out and be social! 
Ahhh those cheeks!! 

Now for some blogging appreciation I'd like to send some Cheers not Jeers shout-outs to ladies I have 'met' in this blogging world!

Brittany from Happy is a Choice. This lady is so sweet. A newlywed and God fearing woman whom I can't say enough good things about! 

Kathryn from The Grace-Filled Home. Thanks to Cara Box I was paired with this wonderful woman and so glad I have been connected with her. Her faith astounds me and her baby's blue eyes make you melt!!

Go say hi to Brittany and Kathryn and let us not forget about the host of Cheers not Jeers … Casey! 
Cheers not Jeers

Now I hope you have a wonderful Hump Day and tell someone you may have taken for granted that they are appreciated!!

"…We don't win at relationships, we win by having relationships." 

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Monday, January 13, 2014

#GetFitAndFab {Week 2}

Baby Steps never hurt anybody … right?!

Well I sure hope not because that is my motto for this whole getting off my A** and doing something! 

I would say my first week of Getting Fit - Feeling Confident - Being Healthy went rather well!

My lovely friend Casey and I are snapchatting each other to keep the motivation up! It helps and really helps when I don't send her snaps of all the candy I ate yesterday {oops}

Over the course of this week I did my Jillian Michaels DVD once and played volleyball for over an hour. Now this may not sound like much but it is a vast improvement from 2 weeks ago so I'll take it!! 

Saturday I ended up with the 5-hour flu bug or something like that so sleeping consumed most of my weekend. Yesterday though I spent some time at the farm with Steven and remembered how he stays so fit {lots of walking, climbing and lifting}

My fitbit and I got along a little better as I had more steps than normal from volleyball and hanging out at the farm. As always during the week I get my water intake in by drinking at least 3 24oz bottles at work but during the weekend I can't seem to drink as much water! 

I plan on volleyball again this Wednesday so as long as I do that and at least one day with Jillian I won't be going backwards!!

Like I said … baby steps here! 

{Link to Week 1}

Fit + Fab

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Be a part of Something Big

I believe we were all put here on Earth as a part of something Big. Something that we have no control over. Something only God has control over. 
I believe God has given all of us recourses to help one another, to make this world a better place and it is our duty to realize what God has given us and do our part! 

{I know, I know} I'm getting a little too in depth so early on a Friday but I want to share something very special with you all today. 

It isn't our place to question why God does what he does. Why some people struggle - Why some people succeed - Why some people are sick - Why some people are healthy. It is our place to figure out how to deal and how to survive. 
One word comes to mind, one word that can get anyone through the day to day ups and downs - LOVE!

In the middle of 2013 I was informed of a foundation started by two young gentleman. A foundation based around Love to benefit young people {ages 30 and under} who were battling that dirty word :: Cancer. 

This non profit organization is called :: THE YOUNG AND BRAVE FOUNDATION

 photo youngandbrave_zpsd4198433.jpg

I had a little Q&A session with one of the founders Matt Coulter and I really hope you will check out the amazing work these young men are doing. It is truly inspiring to see how they are using the recourses God has given them to make an amazing impact!

Q. For the people who aren't aware of your foundation could you give a little background on how you came to be and what you do?
A. Well the foundation got started when my partner Nathaniel Curran and I had a dear friend diagnosed with leukemia. Going through that process with her we saw such a void. Cancer is everywhere and so many deal with this horrible disease but when you are fighting it you feel alone, helpless and not sure where to turn. We created the foundation to change that. We create awareness, advocacy, bust most importantly we create an avenue for families to fund raise.

Q. When people donate money to The Young and Brave Foundation what happens to it?
A. One of two things. You can donate to our general fund which helps keep the foundation going and growing. Go towards promotional items such as pamphlets, stickers, events and other forms of PR. Or you can donate directly to one of our WARRIORS. You can do this through their individual profiles located at 100% of the money donated through the profiles goes to their fight on cancer. The only fee at this point is a 2.2% charge per donation by PayPal. We are even working hard to remove even that fee. We pride our organization on being 100% financially transparent and giving the donor control of where their donation goes!!

Q. You are based in California but could you have a Warrior from say…North Dakota? And how does one become a Warrior?
A. With the day and age we live in we can have WARRIORS from all over the country and as we grow we hope to make this a global effort. To become a WARRIOR or nominate someone all you have to do is go to our website and fill out the brief initial form. Its just that easy. All profiles are donated free of charge.

Q. Do you have any goals for the foundation in 2014?
A. Goals!! There are so many!! 2014 is shaping up to be amazing. So many collabs, new WARRIORS, bigger events. Our main goal is to assist as many families as humanly possible.

Q. What has been the best takeaway from this {for both Matt & Nathaniel} since you've started the foundation?
A. For the both of us it has been the overwhelming support of the foundation as a whole. We have always wanted to give back and this foundation has given us the platform to do so. IT has taken on a life of its own and we are so excited to see where it takes us.

Q. In addition to donating what can people do to support The Young and Brave?
A. The biggest most important thing anyone can do is free! Help spread the word by any means possible. The more people that know about us the more families we can help. Its just that simple.

Foundation Website :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

Again I would like to thank Matt for his time and to both him and Nathaniel for being amazing role models to young people everywhere!

Now if you are still with me, I am gonna ask you about that extra $5 sitting at the bottom of your purse or scrunched up in your wallet … Do you really need it? Can you survive without it? Donate it, to someone who will benefit more than you could imagine! 

As a part of the blogging community Ashten has set up a donation fund. Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! 


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Monday, January 6, 2014

This post is a first for me...

This post is a first for me. A Post About Weight.

To start out I have always been thin. I have always been one of those people that didn't have to work out to fit in my size 2 clothing. I believe that is why I have never written a post like this. People don't like to hear if you are naturally thin when they give up blood, sweat, and tears to be thin. 

I also don't enjoy reading about people who look like a stick and say 'oh I need to loose 15 pounds, I just look fat'. Those are attention seekers to me and are quite honestly disgusting! I PROMISE this isn't one of THOSE posts!

So here is the truth: The Scale Is NOT my problem

My scale and I have a very lovely relationship. Actually just this morning I saw a number I haven't seen since high school, a low number and I'm starting to wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me because I don't feel it! 

On average {not fluke days like today} I have only gained roughly 5 pounds since high school. I am 25 years old, I consider that pretty amazing; except for the fact that I don't feel like I did in high school. 

I am out of shape, unfit, or beyond either of those - whatever that may be. I can get winded from a large flight of stairs, 5 push ups kick my ass, don't even get me started on Muscle because we broke up years ago. 

So this is my goal: To get fit

I am not talking about a six pack - but I wouldn't turn it down. I am talking about getting to the 2nd level of my Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD {oh man do we have a love/hate relationship}. I am talking about going for a jog without stopping every 5 steps to breathe. I am talking about eating better {even if it means less pasta}. I am talking about getting more energy and making some muscles.

I said this was a post about weight but maybe instead a post about fitness {and my lack of it}. I really want to work at this and not to be one of the bandwagon New Year fitness people but what a better time than this new year!

So Hello 2014 : Time to Get Fit, Feel Confident and Be Healthy

Fit + Fab

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Faithful Footprints : Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Today I have a very special treat {or two} for you. A guest post and my very first iPhone wallpaper download.

Today I'm enjoying mimosas in my sweatpants watching my Alma Mater {North Dakota State University} play in the Championship football game for their chance at winning for the 3rd year in a row!!

Here is the iPhone lock screen I'm currently sportin' and have it available for you too if you are a Bison Alum like myself! 

iPhone 4s

Now without further ado I'd like to welcome Brianna to Mrs. Laura Beth!

com.par.i.son noun 
: the act of looking at things to see how they are similar or different
Comparing ourselves to others is common in today's society. Let's face it - our lives are open books for others to see, judge, and criticize, especially with all of the social media sites available today. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many, many others, we plaster our day to day for all the world to see. And for us bloggers, we're really an open book. 
And with our lives posted for all to see comes the thief of joy: comparison. 
Think about it. With so much out there for the world's eyes, we see a lot more into people's lives than ever before. Seriously. Even if you are merely 'acquaintances' in reality {say, a coworker}, if you're friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you see way more into their lives than you would otherwise. You know where they ate dinner and who they ate with. You see pictures of their pets and how they spent their weekend...and in some cases, you get every.single.detail. 
And then...we compare. We compare our weekend with that of your neighbor or best friend from high school. So and so is newly engaged, and all of a sudden you're comparing your ring with hers or her fiance with your husband. He may make tons of money and shower her in gift after gift. Your husband doesn't. But what you don't see are all of the downs that go along with the ups. You don't necessarily see that her fiance is never home in time for dinner or that he very rarely has quality date nights with her. You don't see that she's actually very lonely - I mean, let's face it: gifts aren't exactly the greatest company! 
Don't compare your behind the scenes to someone else's highlight reel. Some people only show what they want others to see {don't we all?}. So comparing yourself to others' greatest moments is only hurting yourself. It's not fair. You are a completely different and unique person with a completely different set of circumstances and life experience. 
You have to stop comparing your life to someone else's so that you give yourself a chance to actually live your life. What really comes of always comparing your days to someone else's? Is it joy? Happiness? Love? I don't think so. It's lonely and hurtful. It brings a sense of unfulfillment and emptiness. It's hard
We're not built to spend the days we're given on this earth comparing ourselves to everyone else. You are here for a reason. We all are. And, surprise, surprise...our purposes are all different. We are meant for different goals and dreams. We are made for different careers and homes and families. How fulfilling would life truly be if everyone were exactly the same? What if we all looked the same, acted the same, reacted to things in the same way, loved the same person, had the same homes, same career? It'd be impossible! You wouldn't have doctors, lawyers, farmers, techs, fast food employees, bosses, etc. The world would not function the same. It's just not meant to be
So, stop it! Stop comparing your life, dreams, goals, aspirations, faithfulness, and being to someone else. YOU are uniquely YOU for a reason. Figure it out and make a choice to stay true to you
Be thankful for what you have instead of longing for what others may have. Love your family. It's the only one you get! Be there for each other and truly live for yourself. No one else is going to make you happy - you've got to do it for yourself! 
And now for the big question: how exactly do you stop comparing yourself to others? I'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible! For starters, find the joy in the little things in your life. Whether it be that you woke up this morning or kissed your husband goodbye for the day. Find gratitude in those small things - not everyone gets them! Realize that every single thing that you get to experience is special and unique. 
Another big step is to minimize your time on social media networks. Don't spend 5 hours a day trolling Facebook. Don't read blog posts wishing for that life. Don't follow every single celebrity and their families on Twitter. They live a different life. It's okay! Just limit your time and involvement in social media and you'll find yourself actually living and enjoying your life! 
Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else. -Galatians 6:4 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 : A Year In Review

2014. Is that real? I have no clue where the past 52 weeks went. 2013 was a wonderful year but I'm a little disappointed with myself. Last year {for 2012} I made a 52 week book. A snapfish book with one page for every week, including a short paragraph on what we did that week. I haven't even started my book for 2013, I loved looking back on the 2012 one so I'm thinking as my way of looking back on 2013 I will create my 52 week book, yep I have my work cut out for me!

I am looking forward to 2014, I have a feeling there are some great things in store! 

Before we get too far into 2014 let us have a quick look back on some 2013 highlights:

Mexico for a week as our little honeymoon was Perfect!!

Hubby turned 26!!

My sister's boyfriend lost his mom to breast cancer. The poem was written by his brother and I placed it on one of my photos.

I turned 25!!

And I loved on some bottle calves!

April: became mine!!

Hubby and I enjoyed celebrating numerous friend's birthdays and a night out with them on a party bus!

Celebrated my sister's 23rd Birthday

My inlaws house was started on.

Had our first Kentucky Derby Party!

Soaked up some lake sunshine!

Enjoyed a camping getaway with the Hubby in the Black Hills!

Planted some new flowers with my Mom {unfortunately all were eaten by rabbits}

Twin Cities weekend full of Kenny Chesney, Sushi & The Color Run

LB Photography had a booked schedule and I was very grateful!

Canoeing on the Sheyenne!

Fun girls weekend at Wine, Women & Baseball

Ryan Emerson was Born

Weston Timothy was born

Celebrated our One Year Wedding anniversary with a Bison Game, taking photos at The Cabin and golfing - oh and eating year old wedding cake!!

Met some Amazing blogging women

My Best Friend got married!
Photo By Xam Photography

I got a new job and a new car!

We dressed up like we were from the 20s for a local gala

Celebrated 7 years being with this man

Blessed by numerous celebrations of Our Savior's Birth surrounded by all the family that we hold most dear!

Thank you for the ladies who rang in 2014 sponsoring Mrs. Laura Beth! If you haven't paid them a visit yet, please go now!

Brianna from Faithful Footprints
Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Amanda from Notes from a Newlywed
Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Charlene from Bisons to Buckeyes And Beyond
Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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