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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tea with Mrs. Laura B

Oh hello dear blog and blog readers that I've been neglecting - seems like I'm quite good at that but what else can I say except Life Happens - at least I update Instagram right?!

This week has been run. run. run but somehow I have more energy than usual; I suppose being busy instead of caught in the boring mundane helps! 

I want to update you on life, so let's sit down for some tea, coffee or whatever your drink of choice is {you have wine in your cup before noon?! More power to ya} and catch up!


 ** Speaking of Drink of Choice I've really been on a Tea kick lately. Steve was sick in January and so we went through a lot of Tea, Honey, YL Thieves Essential Oil and YL Lemon Essential Oil and now whenever I feel my immune system faltering that is my goto drink!

** If you were wondering YL stands for Young Living. I'm o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with these oils and truly believe they work - if you ever want more info on them please let me know!!

** I just got done having a Jamberry party and am $4 away from a $1000 party, so I'd say it went over well - and with good reason because these wraps are awesome. You can order until the 28th if you are interested CLICK HERE

** Hello BABY FEVER! I got to meet my new 2nd cousin and he was soooo sweet - makes me 'almost' ready for one of those mini humans
North Dakota, LB Photography

** Just checked on my Zulily order - it is arriving today and there are some pretty fab things in there!

** Tried out a new All You Can Eat sushi place last night with a girlfriend and I was in heaven. I usually drop $40+ on my orders so paying only $27 and getting Waayyy more food was so awesome. Plus I tried things I normally wouldn't spend money on. Are you a sushi fan?

** I'm Sick Of Winter

** I put my fitbit back on this week - hoping I can stick with it and it helps me keep track of eating and {my lack of} exercise! So far I've learned I eat more calories than I burn ... oops!

Okay my cup is empty - I need a refill and you need to tell me what you've been up to!!

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Abuse is Happening...

On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States - more than 12 million women and men over the course of a year [source] and it is happening in your area too.

Abuse is Happening...

I live in rural North Dakota in Ransom County. The local Abuse Resource Network (ARN) in my area had almost 12 new victims already in 2015. That is almost a dozen people that I probably see every day, or I know their kids, or husband, or wife or family. And these were NEW victims - ARN had never been in contact with these victims before and in the first 38 days of 2015 they were presented with these new cases.

Abuse is Happening…

ARN provides the following services to all of Ransom County and Sargent County in North Dakota:
* Advocacy
* Safe Housing
* Supportive Volunteers
* Emergency Transportation
* Child care on a limited basis
They also believe education is the best method of prevention and provide different community education opportunities.

Abuse is Happening…

As much as I wish that ARN wasn't needed in my area or your area Abuse is Happening and in order for my local Abuse Resource Network to help and protect people of Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Sexual Abuse they need donations. This Wednesday (February 11th) they have their 14th Annual Silent Auction and Bidding is available through their Facebook Page

If you happen to be from Ransom or Sargent county and are in need of ARN their address is:
409 Forest St, Lisbon, ND (basement of the Library) and phone # 701.683.5061

Abuse is Happening… Let's Put An End To It

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 #mrslaurabeth365 Recap

I have successfully completed my first 31 days in the 365 day photo challenge - not sure how January is already over but it was a great month to kickoff 2015. If you'd like to see my photos on Instagram be sure to click on the hashtag #mrslaurabeth365
I have been wanting to perfect my comfort with my DSLR and with the addition of my 5D Mark III I have a lot more learning to do but let me tell you, that is a beautiful piece of technology!!

mrs. laura beth, 5d mark III, photography

Have you been participating in your own 365 day challenge?

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