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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Help Me Decorate ... At My New Job!

I got a new job last week. So in other words my life has been filled with stress, excitement, sadness and more excitement. Literally a roller coaster! I left my job with a company I had been with for a little over three years {my first job out of college} so it was hard to say goodbye to my coworkers but I'm excited for my new adventures. 

I start on Monday with my new company and for the first time ever I will have my own desk and work area. It isn't an office but not a closed off cubicle either. Actually I have a window looking into my sister-in-law's office {yep I get to see her pretty face everyday!}

I don't think the company will let me go crazy with decorating my space it still needs to look professional. Plus I'm one of the first people you see walking into the office but I'm hoping I can add some personal touches. I want it to be my own and not So generic. 

Not this Crazy...
Not this Boring...

I'm really loving the After picture here. Just looks nice and put together!

What ideas do you have for me to make the little work space mine? Obviously I'll be grabbing some pics of hubby and me and some farm pics ... But anything you've added to your space that makes it just a little more you and 'homey' let me know!! 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


It is amazing to me...My pageviews keep climbing and I haven't written a post for over a week. Thanks to all you lovely readers who keep coming back. I've been a little MIA and for that I'm sorry. 

What have I been doing you ask?! 


Sometimes we all have to do it. Take a step back, detach from the computer and go do something! If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you probably haven't missed much, but for those who don't
Here is a little highlight reel:
I got my picture taken
I hung out with babies
I brought my husband to work
I picked chestnuts
I got stung by a bee
I rode in the grain cart
I took photos
I drank wine
I almost got in a bar fight
I got my eyelashes done (stay tuned for awesome post)
I was in my best friend's wedding
I ate a ridiculous amount of food
I sat in a hot tub
I got a new job
I carved pumpkins
I laughed
I loved
I lived

When I sum it up like that it may not sound like a lot but I've been busy and stressed and lazy and happy. I'm at a really great time in my life and am excited for the new possibilities coming my way! 

Let me know, have you been living lately? I decided to make this a linkup (in honor of my 100th blog post) so show me your pretty face below and tell me how you have been L.I.V.I.N.G.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What gifts do you give?

What is one of the most favorite gifts you have received? 

My favorites are the personalized ones, the ones that couldn't be given to anyone else. 

A perk of photographing my friends is being able to give them some of the most personalized gifts, it really is a great feeling watching them open something that was made just for them! 

Here is what I gave my Best Friend for her wedding shower along with some of my favorite gifts from our wedding and showers. 

Gifts to my Bestie. Canvas, Card & Thirty-One tote

This is a lovely plaque from my parents with the Norwegian table grace and some great words of encouragement 

Let me know what are some of your favorite gifts to give? To receive? 


Oh wait I almost forgot to tell you my friend Kate is turning another year older and to celebrate she isn't asking for presents but instead giving you presents. Enter to Win the giveaway now!

Nikki @ Rural Rookie / Laura @ Mrs. Laura Beth / Sarah @ A Girl Smitten / Reba @ Reba K Writes
Karly Kim@Karly Kim / Kate @Another Clean Slate / Jenn @Bad Luck Jenn / Kalyn @Geez, Louise

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Help Me Fight Breast Cancer


It is a dirty, nasty, cruel word. No one wishes it upon anyone even their worst enemy. It amazes me how this horrible disease doesn't have a cure yet. How God can create this thing that causes so much heartbreak to millions of people all across the globe on a daily basis. 

It's Rotten. 

It Sucks. 

This month I want to do something to help because as much as I hate to say it, one day it could be me or my mom, my sister, or my best friend saying those horrible words "I have Cancer". 

Before I was even born Breast Cancer claimed the life of my Grandmother. Her name was Laurel. I am named after this beautiful women and I wish I could have had the chance to get to know her.

Wasn't she stunning?!

In honor of my Grandma, the other amazing women who are watching us from above, and the women who are still fighting this disease I'm donating to the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation. 

All the proceeds that come from my sponsor spots this month will be donated to the Foundation. 

I truly believe in this foundation and their dedication to research in breast cancer. I can't imagine how much money they need just to run their operation and conduct research on a daily basis, but I believe in them and their desire to find a cure. 

I wish a cure could be found for every type of cancer so when another person I love tells me those horrible words we can put a stop to it! 

The facts are scary because whether we like it or not every 13 minutes a woman dies in this country from breast cancer. Help me raise money for a worthy cause. You never know when someone you love will be impacted by those dreaded words - Breast Cancer.

If you don't want a sponsor spot send me an email to see how you can help.

* I will stop collecting donations for this on November 9th*

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yes << Can Be Life Changing

Have you ever wondered how many things you miss out on by saying no? 

Whether you are saying no because you are shy, insecure, nervous or just a fun-hater, there are some opportunities that are going to better your life and you should really consider what one little word and a change in attitude could do for you.

Say Yes.

I have decided to say Yes to Amber's #SayYesProject >> Read all about Here.

Sometimes, I get it, you'd rather sit on the couch, veg out and not associate with anyone; don't worry I have plenty of those days myself. I've decided, though, to start becoming more involved ... in my own life, my friend's lives and in my community. I'm Saying Yes!

Don't worry I don't plan on getting all Jim Carrey crazy on you and Red Bull will not be in my diet anytime in the near future.

Here are a few things I'm proud to have said Yes to in the past couple months.

...To being in a TV commercial. Oh let me tell you how cheesy I sound in this thing {not to mention I think I forgot makeup that day, wow}. I have been on the committee for a few months now and involved in promoting the town that I live in. I have been working closely with the civic and commerce and different members of our lovely North Dakota town. I have beyond enjoyed this, putting my communication degree to some good use and promoting this beautiful town and the wonderful businesses and people in it.

...To becoming members of our church. The hubby and are officially members of the same church. I was still considered a member at the church I grew up in even though I hardly went there anymore. To make this step in our faith together as husband & wife was pretty special to me.

...To a photo contest. I entered a photo contest in BEEF magazine and made it in the top 10. I don't think I won but it was pretty cool to see my photo on their website.

...To offering Sponsorships. I love when people promote my blog and I also love to talk about the amazing blogs I read on a daily basis. Stay tuned for some great October Sponsor news.

...To going to the Bar with Hubby. It is harvest so I don't get to see my husband very often and he doesn't get to do much except sit in a tractor or semi. He got done early last weekend and as much as I really wanted some 1on1 time {which would have resulted in us passing out on the couch watching TV} we decided to hang out at the bar. Had a great time with friends and found some interesting reading material.

...To donating to my Radio Station. Sounds odd right?! Well I listen to Life 97.9 which is the christian radio station in my area. One thing I love about them is there are no commercials {worst part of the radio right?!} so without the money from commercials they are 100% listener supported. I finally, after many years of listening, have decided to donate during their fall fundraiser.

...To photos just for me. I've been super, overwhelmingly busy with my side photography business lately. I love it, don't get me wrong, but it has been less enjoyable for me recently. With all the editing, and questions like 'are my pictures done yet' I knew I needed to take a few steps back and remember why I loved the camera in my hands. These photos helped me so much, no people in them, just the beauty of a sunset and some back country roads. {Note: there has been no editing on these bad boys, came straight from my camera ... just added my watermark so no one tries to claim them as their own}

 ...To video chats with 'strangers'. That is right I participated in the FIRST EVER Happy Hour Hangout session last night. With bloggers I knew and some I didn't know. I made some great new friends, learned more about blogging and drank some good wine. Amber and Ashten now have this exclusive 'wear pink' club and I'm so happy to be a part of it. You need to participate in this and I'm about to run over and sign up for December, I know I could use a talk with these ladies again. If you haven't done so already take some time and check out my new friends. Amber, Erin, Meg, Kate & Adam, Brit, Nikki, Alexes, Margaret and Ashten

Okay now do you see all the positive outcomes that can come out of one little word? Yes. It can be an amazing little tool if you use it correctly. Get out there in the world and go live a little - don't let no hold you back. 

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