Monday, December 10, 2018

Growing Baby Rote2: 26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks (+1 day)

I’m feeling: large but good. I've noticed a little more heartburn this week, nothing horrible just a reminder to not stuff myself and avoid spicy foods. My ribs, back & front on my left side have had some more noticeable numbing pain, nothing to complain about and overall I feel really good!

Total weight gain: 20 lbs - Maybe I feel so large because I'm almost 4lbs ahead of my weight gain compared to Quinn's pregnancy, hopefully that is me gaining weight from chocolate and not a 9lb or 10lb baby in my future!

Baby Rote’s size: Around the size of a Butternut Squash {9.2in, 2lbs << hmm I don't know what app I used for the last update because it said babe was 13in and now they are 9 hahah}

This week: Since I skipped an update week, we had an appointment on Nov 29th strong heartbeat at 155bpm. Picked our Christmas tree out on the 1st and saw Santa on the 8th!

Maternity clothes: still loving my blanqi tanks and I've tried out one pair of leggings, they are okay, I think I'll like them more for postpartum wear!

Sleep: When I don't get caught watching a Hallmark Christmas movie my sleep is great 9+ hours!

Best moment this week: watching the baby move from the outside

Movement: child must be training for a triathlon in there - LOTS of movement haha

Food cravings: nothing specific, just like my drinks really cold and eat at least 1 sea salt dark chocolate caramel a day

Food aversions: I have to watch it around spicy food like I said above due to heart burn but nothing that sounds horrible!

Belly button in or out: still out - Quinn loves searching for it and I think she is a little confused as it keeps moving!

Looking forward to: I have the day off Wednesday, as a me day and I'm excited for the 90min massage I have booked!
Oh and as you can see, Steven has started in the baby room, painting and carpet rip up in our future!!

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Growing Baby Rote2: 24 Weeks

How far along: 24 weeks

I’m feeling: Really good. Feeling larger by the day but overall no complaints except some minor rib pain here and there.

Total weight gain: 18 lbs - I'm wondering how much of that is from allllll the mashed potatoes I ate over Thanksgiving break!

Baby Rote’s size: About the size of an Eggplant {13 in 1.5 lbs}

This week: Just getting over a turkey coma - had a great Thanksgiving weekend visiting family. We made the trip to the cities to Steve's Aunt's and I was thankful for no back pain during the long drive, when I was pregnant with Quinn that drive was NOT fun!!

Maternity clothes: Ordered some Blanqi leggings from their Black Friday sale so I'm excited to try those out! I'm living in Leggings these days so, some with added support sound wonderful.

Sleep: I feel like I toss and turn a lot more these days but I still sleep pretty well. I ordered a pregnancy pillow a few weeks ago, I'm really partial to my regular pillow so I'm not totally sold on it yet.

Best moment this week: feeling the baby have the hiccups on the 20th

Movement: lots of movement - feels like the baby is having fun swimming in there

Food cravings: nothing really, especially after the week of over indulging

Food aversions: nope still good there

Belly button in or out: out for the most part

Looking forward to: 24 week appointment this week

11.01.18 Ultrasound

11.01.18 Ultrasound

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Growing Baby Rote2 - 20 Weeks

Baby number 2 is coming and we are already at the half way point. I thought my first pregnancy went fast, well this one is going so much faster now that we have Quinn to keep us busy!!

I'm already ahead of the game with this post compared to last time, however if you read my blog (hi mom & dad) you'll see that I never completed Quinn's updates. She did indeed turn One and is now 18mo, I'm sure for the sake of blog consistency I'll go in and backdate her monthly posts since they are done just on the Instagram platform and not on the blog {so hopefully in due time this little blurb will be irrelevant}.

Okay sorry we were talking about the 2nd child, poor thing is already getting overlooked. I am going to follow the same format as I did with Quinn's pregnancy for these bump updates so enjoy!!

How far along:  20 weeks

I’m feeling: Really good - I did forget to wear my belly support tank this week and I was quickly reminded how much that makes a difference already.

Total weight gain: 11lbs I feel like I've gained and grown much faster this time around - my body remembers what is coming

Baby Rote’s size: 10 oz about the size of a mango

This week: I'm just amazed this is half way over already and I realized I need to start documenting better!

Maternity clothes: I bought zero maternity items last time, this time around a girlfriend swore by the Blanqi support tanks so I snagged a few when they had a sale - well she was right because they are amazing!!

Sleep: I wake to little sounds more easily this time around but thankfully Q sleeps through the night so my sleep is pretty easy and uninterrupted. I do plan to get a body pillow this time around, I'm just starting to really notice I need that support at night.

Best moment this week: Having my sister help me get Quinn's Halloween costume ready

Movement: I've been feeling this little one since October 4 which was around 17 weeks. Kind of crazy because with Quinn I didn't feel it until closer to 20 so that has been fun.

Food cravings: Nothing at the moment. A month ago I was craving everything sugar. A couple weeks ago I was craving cheesecake.

Food aversions: Thankfully nothing.

Belly button in or out: Oh this darn thing decided to not play nice this time around and as soon as I started gaining weight it was starting to pop out. I just need to pack on a few more pounds and hopefully it'll go flat again haha

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound this week (Nov 1) We haven't seen this peanut since I was 7weeks so we are excited!
Also going on a girls weekend mystery adventure with my sister, {pregnant} best friend, her sister and a bus full of other ladies!!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Quinn : 7 months

s e v e n m o n t h s
Quinn you are growing up so much. This was such a big month and I was nervous about starting a new routine because the one we had worked so well! But, I put my anxieties aside and we started feeding you real food on the 11th, no mushed up food, you eat what we eat (also known as baby led weaning). Watching you explore food has been so fun and makes Mom and Dad eat healthier. 
You are sitting up so well, it’s kind of nice we don’t have to hold you when you want to sit anymore. Especially in your bathtub, you love to sit so you can splash and grab your toys! 
We took your dockatot away on the 19th and you have done really well in your crib, scared us right away when you slept on your stomach but thanks to your owlet we knew you were breathing. Your naps at daycare are horrible, 30 min is your max nap these days but on the weekends you’ll nap for 90 min, you just can’t miss out on the fun at daycare I guess. 
You are not used to the night time routine without me, it’s just not the same, Dad says that will change when he is done with harvest! 
Nov 2nd I woke up to you crying and you’d spit up and rolled all over in it, now with food this smells a lot less like sour milk - you were fine and went right back to sleep when dry. 
You had shots on the 17th and weighed 15lbs (14lbs 15.5 oz if you want to get technical) and were 25.5inches tall. 
You love to ‘sing’ to the radio on our way to work in the mornings; it’s the best!! You celebrated your first Halloween as a Gnome, in a costume that Auntie Eri made for you and booties I bought in Norway. 
It was a good month and I have a feeling there will be a lot more mobility in month 7. Love you sweet gremlin

Loves: splashing in the bath, Mom’s milk, getting scared by Dad, car seat naps, being silly with Mom & Dad before bed, Books: That’s Not My Cow & Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hates: waiting to eat, being overtired, bedtime without Mom 

Nicknames: gremlin, Quinn Babe, munchkin, chunky chicken

Skills: sitting up, learning to eat solids, sleeping through the night in a wide open crib 



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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Quinn : 6 months

s i x m o n t h s
Quinn you've been with us for 1/2 a year and I'm trying not to cry. The time with you has been amazing and flown by WAY TOO FAST.
You are a master at rolling and want to crawl but haven't figured it out yet, so instead you move in circles on your stomach and roll to get where you want to go!
You've been moved to the pack & play at daycare for naps and are starting to only take 1/2 hour naps, thankfully it doesn't hurt your nighttime sleep where you get 10.5-11 hrs!! Your hair is starting to come back in and growing over one of your ears, it's the cutest thing. You are a Drool Machine but still no sign of those teeth! You can sit up pretty well on your own & try to get there on your own but instead get a great ab workout!! Lots of firsts this week: wedding, hotel stay, 2.5 hr car trip, MNF game (on TV), daddy daycare day, picking apples, and helped mom with a senior photoshoot.
Giggling and Babbling are some of our favorite sounds from you, you weigh a little over 15 lbs and we are so blessed by you in our lives!!

Loves: standing, rolling, her tongue, watching TV, chewing her thumb, grabbing her feet, playing peek-a-boo, Tags
Hates: waiting to eat, being overtired
Nicknames: gremlin, miss Quinn, chunky chicken, Quinn babe
Skills: rolling champ, sleeping through the night (again 👏🏼), sitting on her own












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