Friday, January 20, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 29 wks

How far along:  29 weeks

I’m feeling: This week my ribs were hurting pretty good, the left side at times felt like it was on fire so lots of icing and trying different positions when sitting down to help ease the discomfort. Other than this I'm still feeling great so I really can't complain.

Total weight gain: 19 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: Size of a pineapple about 17in and 2.9lbs

This week: went SUPER fast! The weather warmed up to almost 40 degrees and gave me a little bit of spring fever and spring for me now means baby arrival so that is exciting and at the same time a little scary because I don't feel like we are ready! I made sure to get my FMLA stuff submitted this week at work - hooray for 12 weeks off!!

Maternity clothes: I got some beautiful new dresses this week that fit my growing bump very well, however they are just normal size small so I'm excited I can wear them after baby too!! Really hoping I can hold off buying "maternity" clothes - again thank goodness it is legging season!

Sleep: still getting all the sleep I can and making sure to sleep with a pillow between my legs to help with the hip issues I was having last week - crazy how that makes a world of difference!

Best moment this week: being able to go for a few short walks outside without being scared I'd fall on the ice - nice to get some fresh air that didn't burn my lungs.
Also I went home for lunch on Thursday and forgot how amazing natural light is during the day - think I need to make this a weekly thing for all the future bump photos!!

Movement: Felt more and more this week as baby is filling out. Baby is more responsive too, I can push on one area and then I'll feel it poke somewhere else - probably just looking for room in there!!

Food cravings: Hard Candy - I couldn't get enough life savers this week at work especially the white ones which I think are pineapple flavor

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: still in/flat

Looking forward to: finishing the nursery and Spring!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 28 wks

How far along:  28 weeks - Hello 3rd Trimester

I’m feeling: pretty good still - finding it a little harder to get up off the couch but other than that still feeling good!

Total weight gain: 18 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: 2 1/4 lbs and almost 15in about the size of a tropical coconut or a large eggplant

This week: We had a busy week. Saturday 7th we had our baby prep class from 8:30am - 5pm ... it was a long day but since we live an hour from the hospital we didn't want to sign up for the weekly classes. Feels good to get that class out of the way but all that talk about labor makes me really want to get our house ready for a new little one!
Steve and I both thought we noticed my belly was lower this week, and that was confirmed on Thursday when our midwife felt my stomach and thought the baby was head down already - he or she can stay that way for at least another 10 weeks!! I was relived to hear this though, since I was a breech baby I really didn't want that and have to be signed up for a c-section!

Sleep: still getting lots of it but I have noticed my hips have been hurting more and more, making it a little harder to fall asleep and get comfortable

Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test and getting a healthy baby report - Heartbeat was 140 again

Movement: the little one is still swimming around in there, a few times this week I noticed I had a lopsided belly due to how it was laying. Also I do notice more movement and jabs lower so I think it is safe to say, baby is venturing down!

Food cravings: Wednesday all I wanted was cookies and ice cream, mainly because Steve's grandma sent him home with a fresh plate of cookies and those are something you can't pass up!!

Food aversions: nothing!

Belly button in or out: still in/flat

Looking forward to: getting the nursery done - the end is in sight of our mini remodel and I have to say Steve has been amazing doing it all so far!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 27 wks

First Bumpdate Photo in the Nursery

How far along:  27 weeks (on 01.05.17)

I’m feeling: pregnant haha there are times I still forget and I blame that on my anterior placenta but otherwise I know this babe is there, like when I try and put my shoes on!!

Total weight gain: 16.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: according to three different pregnancy apps here are three different foods baby is the size of - a bunch of bananas, a cucumber, a head of cauliflower. Weighing a little over 2 lbs and 14-15in long.

This week: lots of back icing this week, the little one must have found a comfy spot by my ribs on the left side because they were hurting pretty good last week and this one!
We got the baby shower date finalized, Feb 26, and the baby registries are complete (1 & 2) - it feels so good to have those things done!

Sleep: I find myself waking up to pee a little more frequently but most nights still sleeping 8+ hours and more sleep on the weekends just because I can (and I know that will be ending once baby comes)

Best moment this week: Finding hardwood floor in the baby room!!! On Wednesday Steve started to rip the carpet out of the room we are using for the nursery and under the carpet he found old linoleum and under that he found a beautiful hardwood floor. Our plan was to put in vinyl that looked like hardwood so I'm super excited we have the real thing!!

Movement: The end of last week I thought the baby might have changed positions a little because I felt movement lower than normal but then this week its been very similar to last!

Food cravings: nothing really - except the homemade ice cream that I made for New Years is delicious!!!

Food aversions: nothing heavy - that doesn't really make sense but I just hate feeling so full and have tried to avoid foods that fill me up fast.

Belly button in or out: still in - getting flatter (is that a word?!) but still generally in

Looking forward to: getting the nursery setup, the floor goes so well with the theme we have picked out so I'm really excited to get the crib setup and all the fun d├ęcor!
Also, baby class on Saturday and Glucose test on Thursday!!

Here are some pics from last week too since I didn't do an update post


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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Growing Baby Rote - 25 wks

How far along: 25 Weeks

I’m feeling: more pregnant but still great! The right side of my jaw was really acting up this week but got that all taken care of at the chiropractor.

Total weight gain: 16lbs

Baby Rote’s size: almost 14in and 2lbs - around the size of a cabbage

This week: The flu has really been going around our community so I've been making sure Steve and I are helping our immune systems out with Essential Oils - Thieves & Lemon tea with honey!! This is definitely going to be an oily baby :-)

Maternity clothes: Still fitting into everything I have - one thing I really want to avoid buying is a new winter jacket but my current one is getting pretty snug

Sleep: found myself a little more tired this week but still sleeping great through the night

Best moment this week: being able to see the movement - even caught a kick on video

Movement: the dance parties started this week, or at least I could finally feel them - so much movement from this little one. Auntie Kayla was even able to feel it when we celebrated Christmas!

Food cravings: none

Food aversions: none

Belly button in or out: In

Looking forward to: All the Christmas celebrations - we are supposed to be getting a Winter Storm though and I'm not looking forward to that!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rote West Adventure Day 6

Day 6 - 215 Miles - Seattle, WA to Arch Cape, OR
July 6

We dropped Steve's cousin, Matt, off for work in the morning - it worked perfect because he works right across the road from the Space Needle and we had a reservation to go up to the observation deck.
We left Seattle fueled with Starbucks and stopped for lunch at Salty's on Redondo Beach with my dad's cousin.
Next stop was Cannon Beach and this was a highlight of our whole trip, can for sure see a trip back here in our future! Also the purple hydrangeas were my absolute favorite - I think we need to try and grow those at home.
We spent the night in a cute little Airbnb just a few miles down the coast from Haystack Rock.






OR Coast

OR Coast

Cannon Beach, OR Coast

OR Coast

OR Coast

OR Coast

OR Coast

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