Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rote West Adventure Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - 552 Miles - Yellowstone to Boise, ID

The camping spot just outside Yellowstone park was beautiful, we packed up and enjoyed campfire breakfast then headed into the park. We met here with some friends from back home before we both went our separate ways.
Leaving Yellowstone we went by the Grand Tetons and Steve and I were in awe, neither of us had seen these beautiful mountains before.

chemex, Rex Hale,

Rex Hale, camp breakfast

geyser, yellowstone


Day 4 - 410 Miles - Boise, ID to Kennewick, WA

We left Boise and headed to McCall, ID to visit Steve's uncle, Brett! This was a beautiful drive and then McCall blew our minds, especially when Uncle Brett let us take his 4-wheeler for a spin on one of his favorite trails and a breathtaking overlook of McCall and Payette Lake.
Drove through Hells Canyon on the way to WA and also along the way the farm kids in us were in awe of the wheat hills we drove by.
It was my first 4th of July in 6 years that I wasn't at the lake back home and I was totally okay with breaking tradition for this wonderful trip!!

Road Trip

Payette Lake

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rote West Adventure Days 1 & 2

This Adventure - a two week road trip with my husband to the West Coast and back.
Steve drove all 5,438 miles and we got along perfectly the entire trip.
The trip was such an amazing experience and it was an item we are both so happy we could check off our bucket list!

I don't have many words to share about the trip, plus I speak better through my photography so over the next days I'll be sharing our trip and I hope you enjoy!!

Day 1 - 461 Miles - Home to Miles City, MT

road trip, atlas, map

North Dakota, painted canyon
Western North Dakota is so beautiful

Day 2 - 545 Miles - Miles City, MT to Yellowstone

Beartooth Pass

mountain goat

Rex Hale Campground, camping, Milky Way
My first Milky Way photo - I'm in Love!! 

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Friday, June 17, 2016

From The Farm Friday : n u m b e r 22

I'm not sure if you knew this but I grew up on a farm. Yep, farmer's daughter and farmer's wife. Growing up on the farm taught me life lessons I know I wouldn't have learned any other way. There are some things you don't realize about farm life that you take for granted because you are around it all the time. One of the things I take for granted, I was reminded of in April when my cousins from Minneapolis came for a visit. I think these photos will speak for themselves but in short summary - cows and machinery are magical!!!

I present to you: Sweet Baby James visits #RoteFarms

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Mr. Gus

I had planned to update you all on the planting season in a From the Farm Friday edition but instead I bring you a sad post.
Our sweet Gus passed away yesterday.

I brought him and his brother home in 2011. A lady my mom worked with was getting rid of unexpected kittens. She brought them to me in a gym bag and they were squirming and meowing and it was a bag full of cuteness that I couldn't wait to bring home!!
Gus and his brother, Todd, have filled the farm with so much character and they are the best little hunters around. Gus was my cuddler, whenever I was outside he would find any way possible to get in my lap or be as close to me as possible. He was Ember's favorite and I know she is going to miss him a lot because Todd doesn't put up with any of her puppy shenanigans!
I am sure going to miss this handsome green-eyed guy!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wedding Planning with Eri

Today is a day to celebrate those women who raised you and in most cases, those who gave birth to you - Mother's Day. I hope I can one day celebrate this holiday that gets so much hype because I long to experience the love that every mom says they never knew before their child arrived! But for now I'm a puppy mom and I'll embrace that title too!! Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there

*This post contains affiliate links, all thoughts and comments are my own*

2015 Mother's Day Weekend - Mom's Surprise 60th Party

While my mom is currently in Swiss Alps on an amazing vacation with my Dad my sister and I got together over the weekend to enjoy a Garth Brooks concert and talk wedding planning!! In 4 short months my baby sister is tying the knot and as the Matron of Honor I feel like I haven't helped her with anything yet - she is the planner so this isn't surprising because she LOVES to do this stuff.

My sister and her fiancĂ© are both very creative and hands on, this is just one of the many reasons they fit well together. Now, out of my sister and I, I'm for sure the more techie one and when anything is needed online - I'm the goto. So I was telling her about this new site I found called Uncommon Goods. They were looking for fun unique gifts for their wedding party and this site has every type of gift you can imagine plus a lot of personalized items, which I know my sister really likes!!

These two are seriously so dang cute!! 

Once a week I probably get a snap from my sister's fiancé about some crafty project he is working on in his shop and making his man cave like his own personal brewery, there are definitely some gifts here that would look great in his shop {hint, hint Eri}.

Uncommon Goods prides them selves on selling handmade items from a variety of different sources so that is right up my future brother-in-laws alley. This company also has strong values in helping the environment which is something that makes my farmer soul very happy!

I can not wait to throw my sister a shower and bachelorette party and spoil her the way every big sister should when they have the honor of being included in that special day. Oh PS her wedding dress came in this weekend - SHE IS GOING TO BE A STUNNING BRIDE!! Now if these 4 months were anything like the ones in 2012, they are going to f l y by!!

So, as Mother's Day comes to a close and you have spoiled your mom rotten or gotten spoiled by your littles, don't forget that Dad's day is right around the corner and you can get a jump start on his gift here!

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