Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is Life Without a Little Glitter?! {Cara Box Reveal}

I participated in the Cara Box exchange again in April. If you are unfamiliar with this AWESOME modern day pen pal exchange go >>> Here
The gist of this exchange is you get 2{a&b} partners - a. sends you a gift and you send b. a gift.
There is always a theme for each month's box that you have to follow and this month was Go Green. Earth Day was earlier in April so this was a perfect theme. 

Now I'm not the most environmentally friendly person but wish I could be better at it so I was excited for this exchange. 

I was paired with Corie @ This Life of Mine and Tara @ Laila's Charming Pieces. Check out Corie's blog >>> Here to see what I sent her.

I had a great time getting to know each of these wonderful ladies. Corie is a college student living in Boston enjoying sports and loving life and Tara is a young mom busy moving and planning her daughter's 1st birthday!! 

Tara sent me a wonderful box and my hubby was even excited to see what this months Cara Box brought!! She wrote me the sweetest note filled with some AmAzInG glitter, doesn't glitter just make you want to smile?! So Fun!! 

The box also smelt amazing - oh did I mention Tara is crafty? Yep she even has her own Etsy store! The smell in my box was homemade oatmeal soap that I can't wait to use. The other goodies in my box included: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Aromatherapeutic cleaners and Hand Care {these smell wonderful and I can't wait to use something better for us and for the environment}, Justin's All-Natural chocolate candy {surprised my hubby hasn't snatched these from me yet}, A cute little pink EOS ball : 95% organic & 100% natural {I use to have one of these but left it in my car to melt in the heat, Oops … So I'm really excited to use this lip balm} I would love to Thank Tara again for this wonderful box and don't forget to check out her blog!! 

If the Cara Box Exchange is something that you want to do you don't need a blog to participate. Head over and check out the mastermind behind this project and sign up for May's exchange >>> Wifessionals Blog by Kaitlyn. 

Cara Box

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Happies & Crappies April 22-28

I was busy yesterday and the day kind of snuck away from me. I can still submit my link for Happies & Crappies so I'll punch this out fast and let you know how my week was. 


  1. Got my wedding ring fixed and it was cheaper than what I thought so that was a bonus
  2. Bought a bunch of healthy food - it is amazing how much better you feel when you eat better
  4. I will be getting 3 months worth of my wine club shipments from Sutter Home this week. The weather in ND has been too cold for them to send my wine since January so now I'm making up for that!! Who wants to party??
  5. Got to hang out with one of my nieces and Sister-In-Law on Thursday ... Made My Day!!
  6. I am participating in my first Giveaway in May so Stay Tuned for Details!
  7. Hung out with my hubby {& the cows & my cats} on the farm on Saturday - also went to the river and I can't wait for some canoeing!

  8. Went to a benefit in my Hometown on Saturday. It was so great to see old friends; I also won some delicious Bacon in a raffle so I was pretty excited!!
  9. Had a Photo Shoot yesterday for my cousin and his family - Wow do kids have energy!


  1. I actually had a very good week. Now that it is nice out though that means swim-suit season is right around the corner and I need to whip my stomach into shape ... Ewww {I despise working out} Who wants to be my personal trainer?!

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Hope you had a wonderful week as well and Happy Monday!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Little Things

Don't take for granted the little things in your life. 

I am reminded, more often than I like to be, that we are not in control of this earthly life, that God has a plan for all of us and that sometimes life just isn't fair. I'm not trying to have a super depressing post but it is hard to see so much pain in the little community I live in. I pray God will bring strength to those in need and heal those suffering. 

Photo I edited on my iPhone. Mexico 2013

Now, it is Thursday (one more day : one more day * seriously who doesn't live for Fridays) time to link up and let you know what I've been up to Lately.

  1. Nail Polish Shopping - I have to test them out first!
  2. Getting my wedding ring fixed but I felt naked without my ring so I needed a temporary replacement. This is one of my mom's rings, I use to wear this everyday in high school.
  3. Yesterday we had the weirdest rain/snow mix … Hopefully the last snow we will see for a while!
  4. This is the best cottage cheese - I ate this whole container in 3 days … Yum!
  5. Lunch today. Trying to eat healthier - this is homemade Ranch with Greek Yogurt, delicious and way better for you.
  6. Today the sun was shining and it looks like Spring is finally on it's way. Time to take my Christmas lights down huh?! 

What have you been up to Lately?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eri's 23rd!!

My baby {only} sister celebrated her 23rd birthday on Saturday. Somedays I feel like I am still 23 and until a few weeks ago I forgot I was 25. No honestly {drinks may have been involved} I had to ask the Hubby I'm 25 right?! I remembered I celebrated my birthday but until someone asked me how old I was and I said 25 out loud I guess it didn't hit me haha. Does that ever happen to you, something doesn't seem real until you say it out loud??

* * *
Since my sister lives at the lake that is where we were off to on Saturday afternoon. I was glad to get to the lake because we hadn't been there for a long time I just wish the ice was off and the snow was gone but this year that seems like a dream. 

We had a fun afternoon watching Eri open presents then board games and sipping on champagne. 

Oh ya and I almost forgot to mention the delicious birthday cakes, yes that is plural and we all ate some of both!! 

*Giant Reese's Ice Cream Cake* 

Eri picked a new (to us) restaurant to eat supper at and it was DELICIOUS, I even found a craft project for my hubby. A use for all the wedding corks!! 

The service at The Fireside was wonderful and the view was amazing with a beautiful sunset over the lake; definitely a place we will return to. 

I hope my sister had a wonderful time celebrating with the family, I know I did! 

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” - Karl Lagerfeld

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happies & Crappies April 15-21

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend now I can't wait to share my Happies and Crappies for the week. I'm starting with the crappies because everyone loves a happy ending!! 

  1. The tragedies of Monday left me so saddened for everyone in Boston and our country in general. I was so sick to my stomach wondering how there can be so much evil in this world especially to harm people who have worked so hard to get to an amazing event such as the Boston Marathon. 
  2. I hate to mention the weather again but until the white crap stops falling from the sky I will continue to be depressed about it … C'mon Spring you can show up at any time!! 
  3. The explosion in West, TX was insane. My heart goes out to all the people touched by that tragedy; the explosion photos and videos are unreal.
  4. I stayed home sick from work this week for the first time in about two years. Hope I can go another 2+ years, I hate being sick. 
  5. I looked down at my wedding ring today in horror when I realized there is a diamond missing from my band … ugh this made me so sick, thank goodness for insurance right?!

  1. More Birthdays: Getting older is a wonderful thing because it means you are still here! Celebrated Birthdays of : My Dad, My Sister-In-Law & My Sister
  2. The bombers from the Boston Marathon were caught; one dead and the other hopefully put to justice soon!!
  3. As of now this is a happie because they aren't dead (yet) but I think I did a pretty great job of repotting two flowers this week. Crossing my fingers they stay alive! 
  4. A clean apartment - this was the outcome of me staying home sick from work, I get so much more done during the day; too bad my husband didn't go for the Stay at Home Wife idea! 
  5. Cuddling with my Hubby watching some of our favorite TV shows - mainly The Voice and old One Tree Hill episodes. 
  6. Surprise visit from my Best Friend
  7. Time at the Lake with my family
  8. Twins Win!
  9. Thanks to a blog friend's twitter suggestion I have two new amazing smelling candles from Bath & Body Works - and they were on sale Even Better!!
  10. The song I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow - oldie but I can't stop replaying it on YouTube

Here is to hoping my Happies next week outnumber my Crappies again ... starting Tomorrow!! 

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Little Things

As I'm having a 'who can google it faster' war with my hubby it truly is * The Little Things *  that make me smile. 

Here is what I've been up to lately ::

1. My dad's birthday was Monday this was the 'card' I made him
2. My mother-in-law gave me a few plants for my birthday and in my attempt not to kill them I repotted them this week
3. "God doesn't give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need ... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be" This quote really helped me when our family was dealing with the loss of our loved one last year - his birthday would have been Tuesday and we still miss him horribly but know we have a pretty Amazing Angel watching over us
4. A glass of wine and old episodes of One Tree Hill with my hubby * Perfection
5. My sister-in-law's birthday was Wednesday this was her 'card' I made

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What have you been up to Lately?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh Hey Online Shopping!

Happy Wednesday! 

Today was like Christmas thanks to my online shopping addiction. I get bored at work sometimes and check my email and … "Look Body Central has a sale with FREE shipping, (when don't they have a sale) I should check it out." Usually I don't give in but they really did have good sales so I got 2 new pairs of boots for super cheap, these are boots I hoped I wouldn't need until next winter but apparently Winter doesn't want to leave - seriously can't tell you how much I hate snow right now! I have to tell you about this romper that I ordered though, it looks adorable online and I was really excited about it for this summer but when I opened it my excitement faded. First it almost felt wet (in a sealed plastic bag) and it smelt really bad and Then I tried it on … "yep this is getting returned". I'm so bummed because it looks sooo cute!! There is no zipper and the 'elastic' made a ripping sound and didn't give at all so I don't know how anyone with an ass could wear this unless they bought it 3 sizes too big.  

I also have an Amazon addiction and received all the things for my April Cara Box partner today so I can't wait to mail that off to her!!  Have you heard of Vino2Go if you haven't then you are missing out on one of the coolest inventions ever - I just got mine from Amazon today and CAN'T wait to use it, this will be SOOOO perfect at the Lake this Summer! 

The highlight of this Wednesday was a surprise visit from my best friend. She lives and hour away from me and usually isn't home in the middle of the week and there she was today walking into the bank!! I was excited to see her and she brought me an AMAZING Red Velvet Donut, talk about yummy. Yep She is THE BEST! 

Are you Drooling?!

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL Wednesday. 
Were do you like to do your online shopping? 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happies & Crappies April 7-14

I'm following a few blogs now who participate in this link-up and it seems like a good week recap so I thought I'd give it a try ;-)

It is called Happies and Crappies so I'll give you my ups and downs for the week. 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  1. I had the lovely Jessie Ann {my SIL} color my hair; crazy how a new hair color can just make me smile
  2. My sister's awesome birthday present from PickYourPlum came in the mail - seriously I love that daily deal website, if you've never checked it out you need to
  3. Somedays you just need a great nap after work and Tuesday was that day … who doesn't love a great nap?!
  4. Hubby and I made a favorite summer meal of BBQs and Summer Chicken Salad; we devoured the chicken salad in 24 hours mmmm it was so amazing!! 
  5. Celebrated my dad's birthday with the fam - Dinner at Toscana (super delicious Italian) 
  6. Celebrated some birthdays on a Party Bus Friday, had a great time with great friends being chauffeured in style with the Vanilla Ice Party Bus
  7. I bought my domain name. You no longer need {dot} blogspot for my blog. MrsLauraBeth {dot} com ... Yippie!! 
Thanks to my friend Matt for this lovely capture!


  1. Snow … 
  2. Snow … 
  3. Snow … 
  4. and more Snow! Ugh seriously this weather needs to change ASAP 
  5. Slow days at work made for a slow week. At least we got jeans day on Friday and I only worked until 2! 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tweeting Got Me Somewhere

I never thought I'd start liking Twitter more than Facebook but with all the crap and spam on Facebook lately it might be happening. I am still pretty new to Twitter and not totally comfortable with all the jargon, @ and # symbols but this social media outlet is growing on me. 

A few months ago I got a private message on Twitter from Snapfish. If you are unfamiliar with Snapfish they are the number one online photo service; this is the site I always use to make my photo books and they wanted to feature me in their monthly newsletter!! I was SO totally excited, I was getting recognition from a company with over 90 million members and MY tweet caught their attention!! 

From now on I won't be able to say 'Tweeting is pointless' because I have bragging rights that I was featured by Snapfish all thanks to one of my tweets!! Isn't social media great?!

Oh it was on Facebook too  Sorry can you tell I was am really excited about this!! If you would like to know more about my photo books please don't hesitate to ask. 

Have you ever got a Retweet or a Favorite from someone on Twitter that made your day?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Liebster Award

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A Blogging Award … How Cool?! This is more of a social award and a way to discover more about the bloggers you follow or may be interested in following. 
The award's origination and rules seem to change across different blogs I've found but nonetheless I'm still excited about it and would Love to Thank Laura @ My Life South Of The Mason-Dixon for nominating me for this Award.  

However, before I can accept this award, I must complete the 8 steps:
  1. You must thank the person who nominated you for the award. (check)
  2. You must write 11 facts/tidbits/things about yourself. (check)
  3. You must answer the 11 questions that were given to you by your nominator. (check)
  4. You must nominate 11 (I'm changing this to 5 which is what I've seen more in researching this 'award') other bloggers who have 200 or less followers and tag them in your acceptance post. (check)
  5. You must create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer in their acceptance post. (check)
  6. You must notify your 11 5 nominees on their blog so they can accept their reward and pay it forward. (check)
  7. You can not nominate the person who nominated you. (check)
  8. After all this is done, you may add the Liebster Award button to your blog. (I Won An Award!!)

11 Tidbits about MrsLauraBeth
  1. I have 3 tattoos (and counting)
  2. I love singing
  3. I had an internship at a Psych hospital in college
  4. I hate washing dishes by hand (praise the dishwasher)
  5. I love the smell of Spring
  6. I took a pig on a leash (yes the animal that snorts) to show&tell in 1st Grade
  7. I love to try new and different foods
  8. I have never broken/sprained/fractured a bone in my body
  9. I hate scary movies
  10. I love watching lightning during a storm
  11. I am kinda addicted to Social Media

11 Questions from Laura @ My Life South Of the Mason-Dixon 

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    • I started blogging as a way to remind myself what was happening in my life
  2. What bothers you about humanity?
    • People who take advantage of the government. I got a good email today about people who abuse the welfare system. I use to work at a grocery store and it was frustrating to see all the people who abuse the money given to them essentially by tax payers. Here is a quote from the email forward “If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government intrusion, while not working is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid, subsidized housing, and free cell phones ... you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.”   
      • :: Just want to say :: I’m not against people who use these government services for the purpose they are intended for … But when I see Joe Blow down the street with 5 new vehicles and his wife has a new set of fake nails every week but yet their family has to be on every type of welfare possible I think someone just needs to teach them money management.  
  3. One-piece or two-piece swimsuit?
    • Two-piece … hopefully my metabolism keeps up otherwise I'll have to start working out or wear a One-piece.

  4. What was your favorite vacation?
    • Paris, France. I took a Spring Break trip there 4 years ago during college … it was amazing and I hope I can have the opportunity to return there again.
  5. What countries are your ancestors from?
    • Mainly Norway and France
  6. What is one of your prized possessions?
    • My Wedding Ring. It is beautiful and everything I wanted, my hubby did a great job! 
  7. Red or white wine?
    • Red
  8. What is your favorite dish to cook or bake?
    • Any kind of Pasta, I have a favorite 4 cheese pasta bake that is super easy and super delicious! 
  9. What is your go-to stress reliever?
    • A glass of wine or a nap - I like a good walk too but in the middle of winter here in ND that isn't always possible. 
  10. Have you had any celebrity encounters?
    • In high school my girlfriends and I met Billy Currington  :-)

  11. What is one thing you would tell your 15 year old self?

    • Oh wow, I don't really remember 15 that was 10 years ago! But one thing might be :: don't worry if you aren't doing well in Math class, in the real world they always let you use a calculator :-) 

11 Questions for My Nominees! 
  1. If you could go anywhere in the world for a 'dream vaca' where would it be?
  2. If money were no option what would you want to do (career wise) in your life?
  3. Favorite food?
  4. Country or City Life?
  5. Heels or Flats?
  6. Do you keep up on (newsworthy) current events?
  7. What (3) Blogs do you read on a daily basis?
  8. Beer or Wine?
  9. Favorite weather Season & Why?
  10. Do you have a Favorite photo you have taken? Can be of anything from anytime … If so Post it :-)
  11. Favorite (current) TV Show?

My 5 Nominees 

I can't wait to read what my Nominees have to say and I hope you will follow these ladies too!! 

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