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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Growing Baby Rote2: 33 Weeks

How far along:  33 weeks

I’m feeling: Pretty good still. I didn't wear my support tank yesterday and today my legs were a little more sore, so supporting the extra weight made an impact

Total weight gain: 27 lbs - my weight was up and down more than ever this week (4.5 lb difference in one day kind of crazy), blaming that on some crap food

Baby Rote’s size: around the size of a honeydew melon (19in, 4.5lbs)

This week: Had a great midwife appointment on the 24th - baby is head down, hopefully he/she stays that way! This weekend we had fun with Auntie Eri staying over and a visit from Auntie Kayla too.
Calving started in full force this week so Steve has been very busy.

Maternity clothes: No new clothes but clearly still loving my blanqi tanks

Sleep: Still getting great sleep!

Best moment this week: Having lunch with one of my best friends who is due with her 2nd babe on Feb 10!
Attending a keynote by Rachel Hollis!
Ohhh and I got my maternity pictures back!!!

Movement: Babe is still an active little one!

Food cravings: Chocolate Milkshakes

Food aversions: Nothing

Belly button in or out: out/flat

Looking forward to: warmer weather, forecast of -57 (negative fifty-seven) with windchill this week

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Growing Baby Rote2: 31 Weeks

How far along:  31 Weeks (1 day)

I’m feeling: still feeling really good

Total weight gain: 24 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around the size of a coconut (18in, 3.2lbs)

This week: fairly uneventful week in the baby department

Maternity clothes: nothing new

Sleep: woke up to a charlie horse on Saturday - those things kill and I hope that was my only one this pregnancy!

Best moment this week: Quinn turning 21months and her mood improving as the week went on - toddler tantrums are no joke

Movement: Got some good videos of babe moving this week - seriously this guy/gal is crazy active!

Food cravings: nope

Food aversions: nope

Belly button in or out: flat

Looking forward to: this upcoming chill week, so hopefully another boring bump update coming to you next week.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Growing Baby Rote2: 30 Weeks

How far along:  30 weeks

I’m feeling: Really good besides some minor stretching pain under my left rib but nothing I can't live with.

Total weight gain: 24 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around the size of a butternut squash {17in, 3.1lbs}

This week: I passed my glucose test and got to hear babe's heartbeat {150bpm}

Maternity clothes: nope - still stretching out my current clothing haha

Sleep: still great - seriously, don't come to me if you want pregnancy horror stories because it just really agrees with me

Best moment this week: My maternity session with Taylor Jane Photography - I felt sooo pretty, it was amazing!!

Movement: Baby was sideways at my appointment, but who knows how long that lasted because I swear that child is just doing somersaults in there non stop!

Food cravings: Peppermint anything

Food aversions: n/a

Belly button in or out: fairly flat this week

Looking forward to: the first weekend of potty training to be over. Started with Quinn on Saturday, she is getting the hang of it so lets hope she doesn't go through allllll her outfits tomorrow at daycare!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Growing Baby Rote2: 29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks (+ 2 days)

I’m feeling: really good - I caught myself having to remind myself I am pregnant this week - you'd think with this large belly I wouldn't forget but I do!

Total weight gain: 23 lbs {4 lbs above where I was with Quinn at this time}

Baby Rote’s size: about the size of a small cabbage {17in 2.9lbs}

This week: Since I skipped a week of updates this covers a lot, lets just say it was filled with a lot of Christmas. Oh and a winter storm that prevented me from getting to my glucose test and midwife appointment.

Maternity clothes: nothing new here

Sleep: still getting great sleep

Best moment this week: Quinn saying I Love You & Steve getting the floor done in the baby room

Movement: a ton of movement and a lot I can see from the outside

Food cravings: nothing really but I got my fill of sugar from all the Christmas treats

Food aversions: none - well except I'm staying away from the spicy things to avoid heartburn

Belly button in or out: still out and is Quinn's favorite thing to find

Looking forward to: maternity photos

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