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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Be Thankful

Yesterday, along with many people around the country, I was saddened to hear of the passing of Maya Angelou. 

She was such an inspiration and truly lived life to the fullest!

As I was sitting at a wine party last night this quote from Angelou really stuck out to me. "Be present in all things and thankful for all things."

I find it very hard in this day and age when we are so glued to 20 different pieces of technology to really be present. Last night though I wanted to be present {wine was involved} not glued to my phone wondering who was tweeting who. Besides taking a few photos, I was free from my digital world for a little bit and it was such a great feeling to be present. It was an evening to be thankful for!!

Do you have to remind yourself every once in a while to be present? Have you ever really 'unplugged' from technology?

Enjoy this iPhone 5s freebie with Angelou's famous words

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Changes Coming...

I am finally filling out the questionnaire for my redesign. I want to talk about this in advance so you know a little bit about what is headed your way. 

Mrs. Laura Beth has come quite a long way in the past year. This space became more than just my intimate diary and day to day life. It became a place that other people read, a place where people came to know more about me - to know more about farming and how farm wives aren't hicks and we have electricity and {by golly} we blog. Okay maybe you didn't think any of that but I know the Dakotas {farmers | country people} can get a bad reputation every now and then and I just want you to see we aren't much different from you. 

I have found out people are longing to say 'me too' because life is more enjoyable when there are people like ourselves around - and even though you probably can't say you have 200 cattle living in your backyard you can say you love sitting around a bonfire with a cold beer or soaking up the sun reading a good book. ME TOO!!

I've decided to stop offering sponsorships, I wasn't spending enough time giving people what they paid for - not to mention this new design is stripping down to the basics. {don't worry current ads will be fully carried out} The blog name is staying the same just a few face lift changes. For those of you who read this blog by email - you won't notice a thing!!

I want this blog to represent me. To show my passion for agriculture. To show my passion for God. To show my passion for photography. To show my passion for family. 

I want this to be a blog you come back to even if I don't write new content for a week. There are no secrets my posts are not consistent but I won't apologize for it - such is life.

So, I hope you will continue to join me and we can learn about each other, about life and grow together!

country photo shoot
Photo Credit to: My Sister

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Permanent Art

Some people just aren't tattoo people {my husband, my parents} and that is totally fine. I however enjoy them, I love the meanings behind the art people get on their body and enjoy how each person can express themselves differently! 

Last Wednesday I added two tattoos to my existing 3.

Now, I need to draw my tattoos on myself with pen and really contemplate them, after all I am keeping them forever. And when I say contemplate it is usually for over 6 months - I have wanted these two tattoos for about two years now!!

I got my first tattoo when I was 18. A Cross on the inside of my right ankle with a Dove {to guide me on my journey through life with Christ} and a Fish {to remind me that He is all I need to live a full life}. This tattoo was a recreation of my favorite ring, purchased at an ELCA youth gathering - After 8 years I still love this one so much!!

I got my second tattoo with my sister. We both have the word 'love' on the inside of our left ankles. This one is so special to me because my sister got it with me and this is just one more thing to bind us together!! {mine is the bottom}

My family means the world to me and I wanted a tattoo to represent them. I decided to do a heart behind my right ear to represent each of them. 
Mom - Dad - Sister

For those who looked at my post yesterday or follow me on IG - I have kept you in suspense long enough. Here are my two new additions. 

I knew I wanted a tattoo representing the family I would start, something I could add on to. So {you know where this is going} behind my left ear I started 'my heart family' for my husband and eventually our children. 
{this is really hard to take a photo of by myself - it really is a heart}

Last but not least - I got our wedding date in Roman Numerals on my wrist. 
9.8.12 was a day I never want to forget, the day my boyfriend and I promised our lives to each other before God and our family & friends to become Husband & Wife!!

Now say what you want about tattoos, about people with tattoos but I will leave you with this food for thought!

tattoo, beauty

Do you have tattoos? Or one you want to get really bad? I wanna know!!

linking up with Nicole


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Monday, May 19, 2014

Life Lately :: Photo Recap

I want to write you guys a post so bad but unfortunately I'm exhausted and the words in my head aren't flowing out to sound like anything but a mumble jumbled mess. So instead here is an iPhone photo dump - apology in advance to those who follow me on Instagram these may be very similar!

wrist tattoo

I hope you will stick with me and my writers block takes a hike soon!! 

Let me know what you did this weekend - does it finally feel like summer for you?

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Over a Large Cup...

Today I am treating myself. Won't you join me in pampering yourself a little today?!

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: After seeing that Ashten got her butt out of bed today to go to the gym I figured instead of laying in bed reading about it I should do something. That 20 min workout in my pjs this morning was amazing!!

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: It is gloomy today, not quite raining but according to the radar it's probably not far off. This means planting will be called off today and the hubby will be enjoying draft day to the fullest - in his man cave with the guys! {can't wait to see what I come home to}

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: I am wearing a new Target find today and cute clothes can really make a person's day!!

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: I have a really hard time writing a sentence without putting an exclamation mark at the end. << {that period is driving me nuts!}

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: I am working on getting a new design at Mrs. Laura Beth. This past weekend I taught my sister some basics about my DSLR and she took some amazing pictures for me - I am so excited!!

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: We can get our puppy on May 30th. There was only one boy born in the litter so we are getting a girl instead. I'm so so excited, my husband longs for a boy but is still excited. So, what should we name her? We have a name picked out but maybe you guys have some better ones!!

Over a large cup I'd tell you :: I am really excited for the weekend. We are celebrating Mother's Day at the lake and just going to the lake means summer is close!

Now, treat yourself to a large cup and let me know what is on your mind!!

Treasure Tromp

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately {Cow Poop Edition}

Yesterday I took a mental health day, well actually it was maybe more of a physical health day. Let's just say, I felt like crap and couldn't concentrate because of it so I went home. 

I had a chiropractor appointment and she worked wonders and told me the reason I wasn't feeling too hot was because of my back and neck being out, crazy how everything in your body works together isn't it?!

I came home and took a 20 min 2 hour nap and woke up feeling pretty good. Went for a walk with the dog, cleaned the kitchen, bed sheets, entry way ... Maybe I should have a day off every week for all the things I got done around the house!!

Speaking of the house, it smells like cow poop. Now this is normal because we have a feed lot in our backyard and Spring means thawing of all that was frozen turning into a muddy smelly mess. I open the windows to get a fresh breeze but instead get what some people like to call 'the smell of money' - too bad it stinks!! 

As much as I love our beef cattle they do nothing for the ambiance of our home, I had to get some new candles the other day to get rid of the feed lot stench.

These candles do wonders in the house {are husband approved} and the Honeysuckle one is my favorite!!

Now, the husband won't be smelling much of these candles because he is hardly home. I have officially become a farm widow again and spring planting is underway! Follow along on Instagram with hashtag #DoubleRPlant14 Also if anyone has good cold lunch recipes let me know, I don't think it will be long before the husband is sick of sandwiches.

Well, that is all the randomness I have for you this Wednesday don't forget to check out #CheersNotJeers today!!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Treats {Idea Post}

For all the last minute people this is a post for you. Did you know that this Sunday {May 11} is Mother's Day? Well now you do!! If you are really last minute and think 'I still have 5 days' think again, if you want to get mom that personalized card she will love you need to act fast. 

I was recently introduced to Treat and they have the cutest cards ever, not to mention very great quality for super reasonable price! {You must order by 2pm (EST) on 5.6 to get your card by 5.10}

Sample Card from Treat
As I have mentioned before I think each gift should be personalized to let the person know you put thought into their gift and it is just for them. That is a main reason why I love Treat - their cards and gift products are able to be personalized for that special person and special occasion. 

Now, my mom reads my blog and {for once} I have not been slacking in the gift department so I can't show you her card. I do, however, want to show you some ideas that have been floating in my head for different gifts and/or card display ideas.  

Wouldn't your Treat card look great on one of these displays?




mothers day

Your mom probably doesn't read my blog … so let me know, what did you get her?! 

Sample Treat Card

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Monday, May 5, 2014

What is Your Favorite Photo

A few weeks ago I was asked to speak to a Girl Scouts troop about photography. Now I am a self taught photographer and have only taken one community class to learn about my DSLR, I had no clue what I was going to talk to this group of 10 year olds about. Their troop leader said it was an easy group of girls to talk to and just wanted me to go over some different things my camera could do. 

Want to know what my biggest fear was? That these girls would know more than me. In this day in age when they have grown up with practically every amazing piece of digital technology I was worried they knew more about it than me. 

So I gathered some info on the basics - The Rule of Thirds, Being the Zoom, Changing the Angle, but most of all I told them to Have Fun!

While talking to the girls I realized just how much has changed in the 16 years since I was 10. These kids had NO CLUE what film was, when I said the word they thought I was referring to a movie film. I was telling them that I grew up with a camera that didn't show me the image and I had to wait over a week just to see if the photo had turned out. This. Blew. Their. Mind. Considering everything in their childhood has been instant this shouldn't have surprised me. But it did. I can just see similar questions to these floating in their head: How did you post on Instagram if you didn't get your picture right away? or How did you take 20 self portraits {the word 'selfie' wasn't a thing} to get your smile 'just right'? 

Yep these girls made me feel old but at least they didn't make me feel uneducated like I feared. They were very interested in the photos I brought to share and asked a lot of good questions. One question in particular that stuck with me is What Is My Most Favorite Photo I've Taken - She had stumped me, no one had ever asked me that before. I wanted to keep their attention so I thought of an exciting trip and told them I had a great photo of a whale jumping in Hawaii. It was true I have some great photos from that trip but my most favorite photo ever taken wouldn't be that one. I still don't think I know the answer to that question, but when I do I'll let you know too. 

Do you have a favorite photo you've taken - why is it your most favorite?

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