Thursday, February 23, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 34 wks

How far along:  34 Weeks

I’m feeling: Little more tired this week but overall still good, however I can tell there isn't much more room to give to this little one.
This week I really noticed some tenderness on my left side and I thought a rib was out but my chiropractor just thinks it is stretching skin - oh joy, at least it is manageable!!

Total weight gain: Holding steady at 24.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around 18in and 5lbs - similar to a Savoy Cabbage

This week: I was reminded that Pregnancy Brain is a real thing, thank goodness for Reminders on my phone with an alarm!!

I think nesting started, I've washed all the clothes we have for baby so far, folded and put them away - If you took a look at my closet you'd know this is out of character for me!!

My parents were gone on vacation for most of the month so they stopped by this week when they got home - they were excited to feel babe moving around in my growing belly!!

According to my baby app, hormones can start to do some crazy things like mess with vision and I did notice some slight blurriness this week. I've been so worried I'd need glasses again with the pregnancy, I've known some people who had Lasik and needed them again when they got pregnant. Thankfully that hasn't been the case!!

Maternity clothes: Still just my regular clothes, however my cami tanks are starting to get a little too snug

Sleep: Tossing and turning a little more this week but for the most part still sleeping through the night minus 1 bathroom break around 3:30-4:30, and even then I try and stay sleeping just sleep walk to the bathroom haha

Best moment this week: The Nursery is ready!!! Well, for the most part. The crib is up and now it is just time to decorate the walls!!!

Movement: I love how responsive baby is, push and babe pushes back - makes me so excited to meet this little one!! Some movements for sure take my breath away though, either because they are big jabs that surprise me or baby is quite literally knocking the wind out of me haha

Food cravings: None

Food aversions: None

Belly button in or out: Starting to look more out, at least the top part

Looking forward to: The Baby Shower - it is on Sunday, I'm just so excited to see tons of family and friends!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 33 wks

How far along: 33 weeks

I’m feeling: This week I got to experience more shortness of breath and for the first time in my life I had Heartburn - ick I hope I never have that again!

Total weight gain: 24.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: Baby is now around max height and from here on out will be packing on the pounds. 17-19 inches and weighs between 4-6 lbs - around the size of a Cauliflower Blossom or Honeydew Melon

This week: Steve turned 30 on the 12th, we really didn't do much to celebrate - keeping it low key around these parts since we know life will be so crazy in a few months!
The weather in North Dakota has been uncharacteristically warm (40s and 50s) it is giving me major Spring Fever and it has been so nice to be outside after work and on the weekends playing with Ember!

Maternity clothes: Still fitting into my leggings, tunics and comfy target Ts

Sleep: Soaking up all the sleep I can get - still sleeping great!

Best moment this week: A few weeks ago I tweeted this,
They shouldn't let the pregnant lady order office supplies. I almost just bought a 5.5lb tub of 🤰🏻

And Red Vines was kind enough to send some to our office - talk about a great company!!

Movement: Little one is active at all the right moments, I do find myself digging a foot out of my ribs on occasion but that comes with the job I guess!!

Food cravings: Well RedVines of course haha

Food aversions: I got heartburn after I ate homemade crunchwrap supremes so I'll be avoiding tacos, now until baby comes!!

Belly button in or out: It might be starting to give up this week, looking a little more out compared to flat!!

Looking forward to: Hanging out with my sister-cousin Ashley this weekend, getting a facial and hopefully finding a chair for the nursery!!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 32 wks

How far along: 32 Weeks

I’m feeling: More Pregnant! Shortness of breath was a little more frequent this week

Total weight gain: 22.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around 18 in and 4 lbs - comparable to a Florida Pomelo (whatever that is) or a Large Jicama << yum I could go for some jicama

This week: A lot of people asked this week if I was ready to be done, my answer was no. I've had such a great pregnancy this little one can stay cooking until 40 weeks!!

Steve was busy staining the floors in the baby room this week - they turned out amazing!! Hopefully we can start moving stuff in there this next week!

Had our 32 week appointment on the 9th and everything is measuring right on track - now we will start 2 week appointments!

Met with our Birth Photographer and I CAN'T WAIT for the amazing photos I know she will take - and not just the photos but video too, ahh I could watch the videos all day (with a box of tissues of course)

Maternity Clothes: still no maternity clothes - the dress in these photos is from a new boutique in my hometown and I love that it is so stretchy for now and I'll also be able to wear it after baby!!

Sleep: Still sleeping good, a little more difficult to switch positions from side to side but still getting my 8+ hours!!

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat at our appointment - 148 bpm

Movement: My sister got to feel the little one moving when she was down for the weekend so that was fun!!

Food cravings: Nothing unusual but I made sure to pick up Boppa's Bagels after my doctor appointment - I wouldn't consider them a pregnancy craving though because who doesn't crave an Asiago Cheese from time to time?!

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: still flat but wondering how long that will last!

Looking forward to: Moving stuff into the baby room and my baby shower in a few weeks!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 31 wks

How far along:  31 Weeks

I’m feeling: Noticed I was a little more out of breath than normal this week, I just have to remember I can't run up and down the stairs in our house like normal!

Total weight gain: 22 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: 17.5 in and 3.5 lbs comparable to a head of romaine lettuce

This week: Successfully got rid of the colds we had so that meant this week consisted of lots of sleeping and slow days, and that was just fine with me!! I also think baby had some sort of growth spurt this week!

Sleep: lots and lots of it - I make sure to get in all the naps and sleep I can!!

Best moment this week: Enjoying a bath and kicking my cold!!

Movement: Baby was having fun in my rib area again this week. The right side of my back was giving me a little more trouble than normal and I'm just thinking it has to do with the position of baby

Food cravings: Nothing really this week, however if there are BBQs with pickles I'll be eating that in a heartbeat!!

Food aversions: nothing.

Belly button in or out: flat

Looking forward to: IF:Gathering, I'm hosting an IF:local at our house, having my sister down for the weekend and our next appointment on the 9th!

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