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Friday, March 27, 2015

Gallery Wall In Progress

Our gallery wall {like life} is a work in progress, ever changing and growing - gaining more character with each added piece.

So far all the photos on our wall are ones I have taken {unless I'm in them} and it is a wonderful feeling to look at the places we have been and the splendor I've been able to capture.

I have a new-found love for gold foil prints, however that isn't a media I tend to start messing with anytime soon so I've found some beauties on along with some other wonderful pieces that I'd love to add to the wall.

My issue right now is trying to save for a kitchen remodel does not allow for all the beautiful art I want so I need you to help me choose. What pieces can our wall not live without??

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One : Bison : We are North Dakota State Alum not to mention that is where we met and fell in love. Our mascot is a Bison - seems fitting!

Two : LOVE : Love and Foil - no further explanation needed

Three : North Dakota : Our State in foil!

Four : Fleur : I have an obsession with florals + this has foil = #AllTheHeartEyes

Five : Cattle Drive : Black Cattle - they live in our backyard so why not have them on the wall?!

Six : Abstract Beauty : These colors are just too pretty

Please Help Me Out … what are your favorites??

* update - I was contacted by Minted to write a post, in exchange I was given credit to shop on their site. All opinions and views are my own. *

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

start of 27

Today is my birthday and I'm going to smile. 

It may be a forced smile because {let's face it} those have been quite frequent since the 12th. 

My Birthday Wish is one of grand impossibility so I guess I'll just wish for a day with no tears.

- - -

Tonight our home and table will be filled with loved ones - in celebration of me and the 27th year. So the 3 year countdown is on - looks like I have some work to do on my 30 Before 30 List

I pray 27 is grand and the bitter ending of 26 will hopefully soon be filled with joy and happiness. 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our Hearts Are Healing ...

Someone is just playing a cruel joke on us, right?!

I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be nothing more than a terrible nightmare, right?!

Oh, how I wish I was right ...

It happened - again.

My worst fear.

An Accident.

I am heartbroken.

He is heartbroken.

We are numb - there is a huge part of us missing.

We have had this type of loss once - the second time around is harder.

I am bitter and empty.

He is frustrated and pissed.

We cry.

We mourn.

We go on day by day
- desperately hoping to hear her collar jingle or her feet clipping across the floor.

But, what we have now are memories,
Memories of puppy we loved so unconditionally it hurts,
Memories of a puppy who was so much more than just a puppy.

- - -

Brea, We love you sweet sweet girl - Until we meet again…

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 2015 #mrslaurabeth365 Recap

Month 2 is complete. I found it a little harder to use my DSLR this month and I don't know if that is because I was lazy or the fact that our internet was off/on and I knew that using my camera meant I wouldn't be able to upload photos right away #FirstWorldProblems - I still am happy with getting a photo for the first 59 days of 2015!!

Next up - My Birthday Month!!!
I'd love to have you follow along on Instagram -- #mrslaurabeth365

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