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Friday, October 30, 2015

From The Farm Friday : n u m b e r 11


The guys finished up with corn harvest on Tuesday! This seems like one of the quickest harvest seasons we have had in my {almost} 9 years being around this farm. Maybe it is the fact that I went on two vacations during the really busy time so I wasn't moping around the house waiting for Steven to get in - I'll keep that in mind for next year!!

Now that harvest is done they will be busy with ground work, equipment maintenance, fencing and a bunch of other miscellaneous things that get put on the back burner during harvest.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - farm ladies link up below!!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Those What if Days

Last Friday I changed my cover photo from one of our sweet Brea babe to a photo of Steven and I.

My eyes filled with tears.

Loss of dog

Yep something as simple and superficial as changing a photo on Facebook … but it made me feel like I was saying goodbye again, it made me feel like I would forget about her because she wasn't on my FB profile.

Silly right?!

german shepherd

Silly or not it felt like very real guilt, like she was sitting in doggie heaven looking at me with those puppy eyes saying "don't you want me there anymore" {I over analyze things and pretend my dead dog is watching me - don't judge}

I knew changing my photo wouldn't make me forget her but there was that tug on my heart that made that day just a little harder. In loss and grief there are days that are easier than others and then there are those like last week when I was reminded of what could have been - and the days that we try and live in the "could have beens" with the "what ifs" those are the hardest days!

german shepherd

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Monday, October 26, 2015

I love sleep and...

I woke up this morning thinking about a nap after work - okay that isn't entirely true because I was thinking about taking a nap today before I even went to bed last night!! That is a sign of a good weekend right?! or just a sign that I LOVE my sleep...

Here is a quick Monday list of some things {besides sleep} that I'm loving::

:: Jack Johnson Radio


:: Tall Boot & Leggings & Sweater Season

:: Essential Oil + Tea

:: My new iPhone

:: Fall Jamberry wraps

:: New Thirty-One products

:: Our Family photos {by Caitlin Killoran}

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Friday, October 23, 2015

From the Farm Friday : n u m b e r 10

corn harvest is almost over {typing that is crazy because it is super early}
we are praying for rain that amounts to something

Is it dry in your area? How is corn harvest going at your farm?

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

embrace the mundane

I was reading some blogs today and came across a few that weren't revolutionary or amazingly written with fancy words, they were just honest and journal like with few reader comments but it didn't matter to the author - they had post after post filled with simple writing and pretty pictures that captured life in that moment. I have so so so many drafts that didn't get published because I figured no one would care or want to read when I need to remind myself *this is for me* I want to look back on this space and smile at the simple posts.

I enjoyed the blogs I read today that had simple to the point posts - I enjoy people letting strangers into their mundane because someone else's mundane might resonate with others. One thing this online community loves to say is...ME TOO!! So here is to some mundane posts in hopes people say me too and if they don't at least I will look back on them and smile remembering what my mundane used to be like because I know it is bound to change!!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

From the Farm Friday : n u m b e r 9

This will be a short cattle edition of From the Farm Friday

black angus calf

180 babies that were born in 2015 {January - March} were weaned from their mamas on Wednesday. The moms get left in the pasture and all the babies are brought home. It was pretty loud around the farm for a few days as they are all crying trying to find their moms.

The moms in the pasture are pregnant again {they get bred in May} and will have another calf in January - March. The cows get left to eat the corn stalks in the fields that were just combined; when they clean the field up {no more stalks left to eat} or there gets to be too much snow we will bring them home as well.

So as harvest comes to an end the cattle side of our farm starts to pick up again!!

Farm ladies let me know what has been happening around your place … are you done with corn? Do you have cattle?

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beauty Product Challenged

I have never been a 'brand snob' when it comes to beauty products, if it looks good and doesn't smell like a grandma I would use it whether it came from Walmart or Sephora.
Even if I don't pay attention to brands, I still like to get dolled up and have wish list items just like the rest of you who notice the difference between Sally Hansen & Clinique.

ulta giveaway
Fave new lipstick::MAC Diva

ulta wishlist
//1 //2 //3 //4

I could spend hours in our local Ulta because everything is so pretty and how fun would it be to spend a free $250?! Enter giveaway below >>
Good Luck and whoever wins should buy some goodies you otherwise would not!!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Currently :: October


Packing :: getting ready for our sister trip to NYC
Reading :: the book thief & savor
Loving :: the colors of fall
Drinking :: tea with thieves, honey & lemon {trying to build my immune system up before all public transportation and germs}
Listening :: Francesca Battistelli radio
Eating :: I've actually been in the cooking mood, menu items have included >> Roast with Schwan's baby potatoes and gravy. Taco dorito bake. Ham & Cheese pockets. Tater-tot hotdish. Ham & Cheese Scrambled Egg Muffin bites.
Learning :: the new tricks of my iPhone 6s

What are you currently Loving & Eating?!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

From the Farm Friday : n u m b e r 8

On Tuesday Steve and I had a grain cart date over tater-tot hotdish.

Grain Cart Date Soybean Harvest

Going out to the field is the only way I can see Steve and talk to him for more than 10 minutes this time of year. But I don't mind the tractor dates since I sit at a desk and computer all day it is nice to be out in field with the guys.
*Follow Dana a fellow ND farm wife who works alongside her husband

We are almost done with beans - they have 180 acres left and then it is on to corn.

Below are some interesting Soybean stats from ND Soybean Council!!
2014 North Dakota Soybean Production

North Dakota Soybeans

Where do soybeans go
Next week we won't have From the Farm Friday since I will be on vacation to the concrete jungle of New York City - no soybean harvest going on there, just a hurricane headed their way!!

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