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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Growing Baby Rote2 - 20 Weeks

Baby number 2 is coming and we are already at the half way point. I thought my first pregnancy went fast, well this one is going so much faster now that we have Quinn to keep us busy!!

I'm already ahead of the game with this post compared to last time, however if you read my blog (hi mom & dad) you'll see that I never completed Quinn's updates. She did indeed turn One and is now 18mo, I'm sure for the sake of blog consistency I'll go in and backdate her monthly posts since they are done just on the Instagram platform and not on the blog {so hopefully in due time this little blurb will be irrelevant}.

Okay sorry we were talking about the 2nd child, poor thing is already getting overlooked. I am going to follow the same format as I did with Quinn's pregnancy for these bump updates so enjoy!!

How far along:  20 weeks

I’m feeling: Really good - I did forget to wear my belly support tank this week and I was quickly reminded how much that makes a difference already.

Total weight gain: 11lbs I feel like I've gained and grown much faster this time around - my body remembers what is coming

Baby Rote’s size: 10 oz about the size of a mango

This week: I'm just amazed this is half way over already and I realized I need to start documenting better!

Maternity clothes: I bought zero maternity items last time, this time around a girlfriend swore by the Blanqi support tanks so I snagged a few when they had a sale - well she was right because they are amazing!!

Sleep: I wake to little sounds more easily this time around but thankfully Q sleeps through the night so my sleep is pretty easy and uninterrupted. I do plan to get a body pillow this time around, I'm just starting to really notice I need that support at night.

Best moment this week: Having my sister help me get Quinn's Halloween costume ready

Movement: I've been feeling this little one since October 4 which was around 17 weeks. Kind of crazy because with Quinn I didn't feel it until closer to 20 so that has been fun.

Food cravings: Nothing at the moment. A month ago I was craving everything sugar. A couple weeks ago I was craving cheesecake.

Food aversions: Thankfully nothing.

Belly button in or out: Oh this darn thing decided to not play nice this time around and as soon as I started gaining weight it was starting to pop out. I just need to pack on a few more pounds and hopefully it'll go flat again haha

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound this week (Nov 1) We haven't seen this peanut since I was 7weeks so we are excited!
Also going on a girls weekend mystery adventure with my sister, {pregnant} best friend, her sister and a bus full of other ladies!!

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