Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cows, Corn & Country ...

Cows, Corn & Country ... these are three words that I've grown up around, three words that I use to take for granted and now I consider them to be three words that I wouldn't know what to do without!

The reason for this post though isn't to talk about the feedlot in my backyard, the spring planting, or the beautiful place I live! Cows, Corn & Country is actually the name of a blog I follow ... Well okay the full name of the blog is Cows, Corn & Country Girls and the author/writer is a fellow NDSU Alum and friend Jaime May Purfeerst. Even though I haven't seen her in two years I still feel that sense of 'social media' connection haha. Jamie is a communication major like myself and what comm girl doesn't love all the different social media outlets?! I've been following Cows, Corn & Country Girls for a while now and love everything Jamie has to blog about ... farming in MN isn't that different than here in good ole' ND (her husband even raises Black Angus)!

Jamie just had a birthday and in celebration she is having a Giveaway on her blog!! See Picture below ... a homemade key fob made by the lovely CCC girl herself, maybe I forgot to mention she is super crafty!!

So go now and check out her blog, follow her and sign yourself up to win this one of a kind Key Fob!

- Laura Beth

Sunday, May 13, 2012


What seems like many many moons ago I was sitting in one of those super boring lectures at orientation on the campus of NDSU. Luckily I wasn't the only one who chose the far back row to sit in because it was there that I met my first college friend, Justine

Now I could go on and tell you all about my amazing friend and all the wonderful times we had in college but I just wanted to give a little info on how we met. What this post is really about is the fact that Justine is getting married (in 26 days, YEA) and for her bachelorette party she had the wonderful idea of going to Chicago.

I was beyond excited to get the invitation and fortunate I could fit it into my schedule! So April 27th I was off to celebrate with one of my favorite people and a great group of girls.

I've never been to Chicago and couldn't wait to see and do everything. Our hotel was right in the heart of downtown literally right across the street from Millennium Park, perfect location! 

We spent the first day walking around Chicago taking in the sites and hanging out in the Jacuzzi. We ironically had supper at The Gage (Gage is her fiance's name) then we ended the night with drinks at the John Hancock Tower, overlooking Chicago {Amazing View}, and dancing at Sub 51. 

Saturday was more of the same but of course we added shopping to the list of things to-do! And who goes to Chicago without getting some deep dish pizza and an ice cold beer?! Yum is all I can say to that! 
After shopping and pizza we did some more soaking in the Jacuzzi and got ready for our big night on the town. 
We ate supper at our hotel restaurant, Filini, then Justine opened gifts, we had some drinks are were off to our VIP service. One of the girls in our group has a friend who lives in Chicago and she was Awesome enough to get us a table at the nightclub Priv├ęt. If you just looked at the website and thought 'wow that looks amazing' you would be absolutely correct, we all had an amazing time there!! 
The night didn't end there because in Chicago they like to stay up all hours of the night, seriously bars don't close until 4-5am! I was one of the five ladies who decided that if you are in Chicago you have to do it up right so it was 4am when we got back to the Raddison Blu. 

Sunday none of us were feeling very hot, it is safe to say Chicago got the best of us Saturday night! We went to soak up the Champagne and Grey Goose at PJ Clarkes and sadly after that we all had to go our separate ways. 

Those three days were amazing and I can't wait for the next time I can get to the Windy City! 

Congrats again to my wonderful college friend ... I can't wait for your wedding!

Hanging out by The Bean

Justine and I

The whole crew at Filini

At Privet
- Laura Beth

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Readers

Blogger recently changed their layout and one of the new perks tells you how many times people have viewed your blog. 

Much to my surprise our blog has had 1400 pageviews! Now to some people this may be nothing but those people probably have over 50 followers. We have a whopping ZERO followers...hmm interesting since I know people are reading. 

So I'm thinking if you are reading this you should Join This Site ... or maybe just comment on posts everyone once in a while. Trust me I'll think that you are less of a 'creeper' if you publicly take the plunge and Follow our blog! ;-)

- Laura Beth

PS. My personal goal is to have 20 followers by our wedding * Help me out

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Engagement Pictures

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." - Aaron Siskind

Many many thanks to Milestones Photography for coming out to our house to take engagement pictures for us! I'm so absolutely in love with them I could look at them all day long. 

We took the pictures April 14th and it was the only nice day out of the whole weekend, we were so lucky! 

I am so glad we could take pictures at the farm, we also went to The Crossing and to Sheldon...couldn't have asked for better backgrounds!

Here are some of my favorites. I hope they make you smile as much as they make me smile!

Thanks again Dave ... We Love Them! 

Copyright: Milestones Photography 

Copyright: Milestones Photography 

Copyright: Milestones Photography 

Copyright: Milestones Photography 

Copyright: Milestones Photography 

- Laura Beth