Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quinn James : Birth Story

I always want to remember how our first born came into this world. Here is the story of meeting our sweet girl for the first time.

40 weeks + 1 day. Friday April 7, 2017.
My water broke around 9pm. Steve and I were sitting in our living room watching TV and I felt a small contraction then thought I peed my pants a little (oh the joys of pregnancy). So I went to the bathroom and thought my water broke instead but I wasn't totally convinced. I went back to watching TV and got up a little while later and as soon as I stood up I had the gush, in true movie-like water breaking fashion that I was told didn't happen very often. I was so excited and Steve was in the kitchen at the time so I had to show him that it was indeed time, he told me to stop leaking all over the house and get in the bathroom 😆

I knew I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and since we live an hour from the hospital the plan was to leave when contractions were about 5 minutes apart.

We knew it was going to be a long night so we both wanted to try and get a little sleep, I really wasn't having contractions yet so Steve and I both went to bed.

40 weeks + 2 days. Saturday April 8, 2017.
I woke up around 12am to more gushing and noticeable contractions. At 12:30 I woke Steve up and said we better get ready to go as the contractions were getting closer together.

We were on the road at 1am. It was a nice drive to Fargo, I had my eyes closed most of the trip just breathing through contractions and listening to the book Supernatural Childbirth.

Got to the hospital a little after 2. We were taken to the birthing floor and I got checked for the first time in the whole pregnancy and was 3.5-4 cm  dilated. We got moved into our room and I changed out of that hospital gown pretty fast, seriously those things are annoying. I was way more comfortable in a sports bra and granny panties!

I spent the next few hours walking around the room, breathing through contractions and using Steve or the sink counter to support me during them. Sometime during these few hours between 2 and 4 I was laying on the bed and yelled for Steve to get me the garbage - I threw up twice and then felt fine, it totally came out of nowhere. I was checked again at 4am and was only at a 4; I felt like it would be a long day at that rate.

I had tested positive for Group B Strep so the nurses started my IV of antibiotics, and of course they had to stick me 4 or 5 times before they switched arms and then got it right away. I don't remember getting out of bed again, I labored on my side and then had them bring the birthing ball and I laid on that in the bed. Steve was great, making sure I was drinking water, and keeping the back of my neck cool with a washcloth. They checked me again at 6am and I was at a 6.

Everything you read and hear about labor, say that transition is the most difficult part and I honestly don't remember it being any more difficult other than the contractions were just closer together. By 8am I was at 10cm and our midwife said it was time to push.

Our birth photographer got there just in time for me to start pushing. I started pushing while I still had the birthing ball under me and then ended up in a squatting position. I was using Steve and a nurse on the sides of me to grab onto when it was time to push, eventually they brought in the bar that attached to the bed and that seemed easier for me.

Between contractions and pushing there was a point where I needed oxygen to help the baby, it wasn't something the medical professionals made a big deal about so if there was something really wrong they didn't let on and that kept me super calm to be able to just focus on deep breathing. I was thankful to not be in any pain and just kept praying and trusting God.

I couldn't tell you how many times I pushed but before I knew it one of the nurses was asking if I'd like a mirror to see our baby crowning. This was a relief because at one point I asked if the baby was going back up after each time I relaxed and wasn't actively pushing - haha they said that wasn't how it worked, phew, good to know!!
So I felt the baby crowning and could see all the beautiful dark hair in the mirror, our midwife said she hoped it was a girl with all that hair because it would be a waste on a boy!!

Two more good pushes, one for the head, one for the shoulders and our baby arrived at 9:04am. Steve announced it was a girl, they put her on my chest and the rest of the day is a blur - she was here and that was all that seemed to matter!!

Now I have to talk a little about our birth plan. I wanted a natural birth and not to be all macho I just had a big fear of not feeling my legs if something didn't work with the epidural. A few weeks before my due date I had a dear friend recommend Supernatural Childbirth and I couldn't be more grateful. This book and ideology was just what I needed. I had been praying to God regularly for the health of this baby but never did I think to pray for a painless birth. So I started to talk to God about how this birth would look and I had such a peace about it. I am so proud of myself and my body and beyond grateful that He gave us this wonderful experience that resulted in our beautiful Quinn James!

Above Photos by Lindsay Kaye Photography

7 lbs 12 oz 20 in

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Growing Baby Rote : 40 wks

How far along:  40 weeks - April 6, 2017 - HAPPY DUE DATE

I’m feeling: Super thankful to have made it to 40 weeks - now it is time to meet this babe

Total weight gain: 33 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: full term - ranging anywhere from 7-8 lbs and 19-21 inches; comparable to a watermelon

This week: Many people were surprised to still see me at work but I don't feel any different, just hope my water doesn't break sitting at my desk.
On the 4th we had what could be our last midwife appointment and everything still checked out great. Our midwife doesn't see me making it past the weekend!!

Sleep: soaking up alllll the sleep I can get because I know these days of 8+ hours are coming to an end

Best moment this week: Ember got a bath this week and got to come in the house so that was fun, I've missed having her inside even if she hates it and would rather play in cow poop hah!

Movement: Little one is still a moving and grooving in his/her shrinking home

Food cravings: My coworker made some amazing cheesecake cupcakes and now I want to eat 20 of them

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: out

Looking forward to: Meeting this little one and finding out if it is a boy or girl - hopefully I won't have a 41 week update!!

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 39 wks

How far along:  39 weeks

I’m feeling: Ready - still feeling really good but I've decided this baby can come at any time now

Total weight gain: 32.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: 7-8 lbs and 19-21 in comparable to a small pumpkin

This week: I noticed I started retaining some fluid this week, my face seemed a little puffier on some days and I've lost my ankles a little bit.
I turned 29 on the 24th and we got to hear the little one's heartbeat so that was a perfect birthday present. Without realizing it I guess I've been having mini contractions, I had one at our appointment and I just thought it was baby in an awkward positing pushing and making my stomach really hard - apparently not. Now if only all the contractions could pass by me unnoticed!!

Sleep: insomnia started to kick in a little bit more this week and finding a comfortable position is getting more and more difficult!

Best moment this week: Getting to hear our little one's heartbeat on my birthday and know that he or she is head down (nice and low in fact) and in perfect position.
Also the weather this week was perfect, we grilled twice and tested out our new patio furniture!!

Movement: This little one is still making waves across my stomach and it is so fun to watch

Food cravings: Sea Salt Covered Chocolates - I also had a craving this week for chicken salad so I had to whip that up quick!

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: out

Looking forward to: The arrival of this little one!
Also Steve's cousin and girlfriend (were due on the 24th) had their baby today, March 30th, so I can't wait to meet him!!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 38 wks

How far along: 38 weeks

I’m feeling: starting to notice the extra baby weight more and more but overall still feeling great!

Total weight gain: 30.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around 7lbs and over 19.5in comparable to a Spaghetti Squash

This week: I developed a nice little rash this week, started on my belly and has gone away there but is now on my arms - nothing to worry about, it is just an annoying (itchy) pregnancy symptom.

Sleep: nothing new in the sleep department

Best moment this week: I started a bible study through IF and am really excited to see how this will help me grow in faith that I can pass on to this little babe

Movement: I can't wait to kiss these sweet little toes that keep jabbing me!!

Food cravings: mint chocolate chip ice cream - I compromised and made a mint chocolate shake using essential oils for my mint flavor. It was AMAZING!!!

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: out

Looking forward to: My birthday and getting some last things hung up in the nursery!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 37 wks

How far along: 37 weeks

I’m feeling: I'm still feeling great, some slight shin pain from the extra weight but nothing to complain about.

Total weight gain: 29 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: 19-22in and 6.5lbs comparable to a Winter Melon

This week: Met with our midwife on the 14th and had a good checkup. Babe's heartbeat was 145bpm and our midwife doesn't think baby will get past 8lbs, that made me feel pretty good!

I have a cousin expecting in May and their baby shower was on the 12th, I'm excited to have cousins on my side and Steve's side who are expecting right now!!

I must appear very large and slightly uncomfortable to people because no one thinks I should be at work when they see me - I think I need a neon sign with a countdown to the due date so people stop wondering why I'm still around!!

Maternity clothes: Bought some nursing tanks that are super soft and comfy from Target - if you have a favorite nursing tank or any postpartum clothing item let me know!!

Sleep: finding myself slightly more restless as the weeks go on but still getting plenty of sleep

Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat and knowing he/she is head down getting closer for the big arrival day

Movement: I love feeling baby move and enjoy how responsive they are when I poke and prod my belly hehe

Food cravings: nothing

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: out

Looking forward to: our next appointment that happens to be on my 29th Birthday!!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 36 wks

How far along:  36 weeks

I’m feeling: besides the fact that I woke up with a head cold I'm feeling good!

Total weight gain: 28 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around 19in long and weighing around 6lbs - comparable to a Ripe Papaya

This week: Celebrated our oldest niece turning 9 on the 3rd - crazy to think how fast they grow up!
Steve's cousin is expecting on March 24th (my birthday) so I attended that baby shower on Saturday and then Sunday we had our maternity photos.
I also started packing our hospital bags this week - let me know if there is anything we NEED!!

Maternity clothes: Bought some nursing bras, I'm hoping they will be big enough in a few weeks - seems like such a guessing game!!

Sleep: still sleeping great!

Best moment this week: Having our photographer come out and take lifestyle maternity photos - she is so sweet and I can't wait to have her capture the birth of our child too!!
Fargo Photographer
Lindsay Kaye Photography

Movement: Kept trying to get movement on video this week but I think the little bugger is camera shy - must take after dad!!

Food cravings: Craved more chocolate this week than normal

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: out

Looking forward to: Our upcoming 36 week appointment

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 35 wks

How far along:  35 Weeks

I’m feeling: Large

Total weight gain: 27 lbs - almost 3 pounds in a week, yikes!! Baby is making up for no gain between weeks 33 & 34.

Baby Rote’s size: Between 18-19 in and 5-6 lbs - comparable to a Bunch Of Carrots, a Honeydew Melon, or a Pineapple

This week: Super busy week. Baby appointment on the 24th - everything still measuring right on track, heartbeat was 148bpm.
Had Baby Shower on the 26th.

Sleep: getting comfortable is becoming more of a challenge but once I'm asleep I have no problem staying asleep, except of course for the 3:30am bathroom break

Best moment this week: The Baby Shower was amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. We are so loved by our family and friends and I can't thank my sister enough for all the adorable details she put into it. I spent 2.5 hours opening gifts and the whole day was a wonderful blur!
Very thankful too for the guys in my life that helped in cleaning up the shop so it didn't totally smell of cow poop (hehe) it was so nice to have the shower right in my own back yard!!

Movement: Baby either likes car rides or dislikes them, I haven't figured that out yet but it seems whenever I get in the car it is time for a dance party in my belly!

Food cravings: Picked up a bag of Cuties (mini orange things) and those are so delicious I couldn't get enough of them this week

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: more out than in

Looking forward to: Maternity photos on the 5th

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 34 wks

How far along:  34 Weeks

I’m feeling: Little more tired this week but overall still good, however I can tell there isn't much more room to give to this little one.
This week I really noticed some tenderness on my left side and I thought a rib was out but my chiropractor just thinks it is stretching skin - oh joy, at least it is manageable!!

Total weight gain: Holding steady at 24.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: around 18in and 5lbs - similar to a Savoy Cabbage

This week: I was reminded that Pregnancy Brain is a real thing, thank goodness for Reminders on my phone with an alarm!!

I think nesting started, I've washed all the clothes we have for baby so far, folded and put them away - If you took a look at my closet you'd know this is out of character for me!!

My parents were gone on vacation for most of the month so they stopped by this week when they got home - they were excited to feel babe moving around in my growing belly!!

According to my baby app, hormones can start to do some crazy things like mess with vision and I did notice some slight blurriness this week. I've been so worried I'd need glasses again with the pregnancy, I've known some people who had Lasik and needed them again when they got pregnant. Thankfully that hasn't been the case!!

Maternity clothes: Still just my regular clothes, however my cami tanks are starting to get a little too snug

Sleep: Tossing and turning a little more this week but for the most part still sleeping through the night minus 1 bathroom break around 3:30-4:30, and even then I try and stay sleeping just sleep walk to the bathroom haha

Best moment this week: The Nursery is ready!!! Well, for the most part. The crib is up and now it is just time to decorate the walls!!!

Movement: I love how responsive baby is, push and babe pushes back - makes me so excited to meet this little one!! Some movements for sure take my breath away though, either because they are big jabs that surprise me or baby is quite literally knocking the wind out of me haha

Food cravings: None

Food aversions: None

Belly button in or out: Starting to look more out, at least the top part

Looking forward to: The Baby Shower - it is on Sunday, I'm just so excited to see tons of family and friends!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 33 wks

How far along: 33 weeks

I’m feeling: This week I got to experience more shortness of breath and for the first time in my life I had Heartburn - ick I hope I never have that again!

Total weight gain: 24.5 lbs

Baby Rote’s size: Baby is now around max height and from here on out will be packing on the pounds. 17-19 inches and weighs between 4-6 lbs - around the size of a Cauliflower Blossom or Honeydew Melon

This week: Steve turned 30 on the 12th, we really didn't do much to celebrate - keeping it low key around these parts since we know life will be so crazy in a few months!
The weather in North Dakota has been uncharacteristically warm (40s and 50s) it is giving me major Spring Fever and it has been so nice to be outside after work and on the weekends playing with Ember!

Maternity clothes: Still fitting into my leggings, tunics and comfy target Ts

Sleep: Soaking up all the sleep I can get - still sleeping great!

Best moment this week: A few weeks ago I tweeted this,
They shouldn't let the pregnant lady order office supplies. I almost just bought a 5.5lb tub of 🤰🏻

And Red Vines was kind enough to send some to our office - talk about a great company!!

Movement: Little one is active at all the right moments, I do find myself digging a foot out of my ribs on occasion but that comes with the job I guess!!

Food cravings: Well RedVines of course haha

Food aversions: I got heartburn after I ate homemade crunchwrap supremes so I'll be avoiding tacos, now until baby comes!!

Belly button in or out: It might be starting to give up this week, looking a little more out compared to flat!!

Looking forward to: Hanging out with my sister-cousin Ashley this weekend, getting a facial and hopefully finding a chair for the nursery!!

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