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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What I learned in 2015

When 2015 started I thought it was going to be the best year ever - the hopes I had for this year made last Christmas and New Years such a joyous time.
Here we are on the last day of 2015 and I realize that {for me} it wasn't as joyous this Christmas and I have decided to not get my hopes up for 2016 since I feel so let down by 2015 to agree with Casey I've lost my Fa La La La La

I won't be making any resolutions this year or trying to plan around things that are totally out of my control. Okay wait I take that back, I guess a resolution of sorts I want to make is to live in the moment - let God lead and I will do my best at following the plan he has laid out for me instead of getting mad when things don't go my way!

So if I learned anything in 2015 it is that He has something better in store for me than I could ever dream up, so I'm not dreaming up much for 2016, just praying for good health, love and laughter!!

Thanks for reading this little slice of internet - I hope you have a great end to 2015 and I will see you in the new year with a full month by month photo recap of 2015.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grateful Heart : Christmas Edition

I am not sure how it is the week of Christmas - I feel like advent was just upon us and now the most joyous time of the year is knocking at the back door.

This past weekend we finally got our home all decorated, we are ready for it to be filled with laughter and love. We also had a test run with our Christmas meal and our family is in for a treat and full bellies.

This year for Advent I had full intentions of keeping up with a devotional every day and I failed miserably!! I got to about day four and then it just wasn't something I made time for - sad, because that is the reason for this amazing season and I can't even make time for it! {Yes, I understand I can catch up now but it isn't the same as actually making time for it every day leading up to the celebration of The Birth}
Does that happen to anyone else? You have every good intention of reading the Bible every day or doing a devotional and in the beginning you start out strong and determined but then, you lose steam halfway through {however you probably make it past day 4} and you just stop all together. It makes me realize how Human we are and how we needed someone like Jesus to be born to save us, to keep us on track, to follow… someone who didn't lose steam and always stayed on the destined path.

I hope this Christmas Season you remember why we celebrate, remember what the hustle and bustle is REALLY for and even if you stray remember that Jesus is there for you, waiting to help you get back on that destined path.

He was sent here to save us, so this Christmas: 
:remember Him
:thank Him
:praise Him
:REJOICE in Him!!

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A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Client Thank You

I have a special treat for my photography clients this year and I can't give it totally away incase some of them read the blog but I had fun browsing Minted and Artifact Uprising for their special gift. My one hint is this sticker might make a debut - with a different photo of course!!

I love getting Christmas cards from clients that feature photos I have taken - it is like a thank you to me and they might not even know it. Just a 'feel good' thing seeing your art proudly displayed on their card!!

This year I have been having a hard time trying to pick out our Christmas card, so many pretty options out there I. WANT. THEM. ALL {especially the foil ones} ... I just love our photos from my college friend Caitlin!!

All designs above from Minted

... and if we had littles I think these cards that use their artwork would be perfect and then add a photo on the back - can you tell I'm obsessed with Christmas Cards?!

If you haven't got yours yet head over to Minted because they have extended their Cyber Monday deals until Thursday the 3rd, plus I just found out they have this new feature where you can buy the product you want and personalize it later - talk about handy, I know I'll be doing that today!!

Artifact Uprising is also one of my favorite new sites {if you are a photo client get prepared for something pretty} unfortunately their sales did end yesterday but even without a discount it is worth it because the quality is AMAZING.


So tell me, do you send your photographer a Christmas Card?
If you are a photographer, do you send clients a Thank You during this Christmas season?

*I was contacted by Minted to write a post, all thoughts and comments are my own

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