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Friday, May 10, 2019

Blake Douglas : Birth Story

A sweet little boy was born and made us a family of four. This is the birth story of Blake Douglas!

39 weeks 3 days - Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I had a midwife appointment Wednesday and decided to get checked to see if I was progressing any. I was at "a good stretchy 3", the baby was tucked into my right hip, my belly was measuring 40 weeks and the midwife said with some good contractions I would open right up.

We were forecasted to get the storm of the century and since we are 70 miles from the hospital, as a precaution Steve and I were staying with his sister, Jess.

Wednesday night around 11pm I started to have my bloody show and possible loss of mucus plug along with some noticeable contractions. I went to bed but that was the end of those labor symptoms and I slept through the night with no issues.

39 weeks 4 days - Thursday, March 14, 2019

We stayed warm and cozy at Jess's and that included the baby. We binge watched Game of Thrones and I really didn't have any more signs of labor.

39 weeks 5 days - Friday, March 15, 2019

I woke up at 7:30am to a little jolt and what I thought could have been my water breaking but it was very little fluid so I thought I probably just peed.

Steve and I ran some errands around Fargo as the roads hadn't been opened up yet for us to go back home. Around 2pm we decided to go to the hospital just to make certain my water didn't break.

Swab test came back positive for amniotic fluid so we were admitted and I couldn't even go get my bag from the car. I was feeling great, was dilated to a 4 and contractions (that I hardly noticed) were 3 minutes apart.

Around 3:45pm we were all cozy in our room but not much was happening on the baby front, I was still super content and hadn't had much more come out for amniotic fluid. The midwife checked me at 5:30pm and could still feel some of the bag so she was scratching the baby's head trying to get it to break the rest of the way and ... break. it. did. Now it was go time!! I seriously wish I would have had a video of the water coming out because I felt like a fire hydrant haha it is a feeling that is unexplainable.

This time around I tested negative for Group B Strep so I didn't have to be hooked up to anything. They did give me an IV just incase something were to go wrong and they needed to give me meds, it was there. I labored naturally sitting on the bed and then laying on my stomach over the peanut ball. I did all this without pain and just kept talking with God and praying over my body singing along to Fear is a Liar. I let my contractions do their job!

At 7:45pm I was at 8cm. At some point I remember being on the peanut ball and I asked if there was a head there because I felt a lot of pressure - the midwife hopped up to come check and sure enough it was time. That is one of the main reasons I love the midwife team is they let you do your thing, and also a reason I'd like to try home birth if we have another! I turned around to use the birthing bar because that worked so well with Quinn but we couldn't get the bed to drop down far enough for me to get into a squatting position. So around 8:30pm one nurse grabbed one leg and Steve grabbed the other - 3 good pushes and we welcomed our son at 8:46pm.

This was another wonderful pregnancy, labor & delivery and I thank God for this experience (recommend the book Supernatural Childbirth to anyone trying to get pregnant).
I'm still a little shocked we have a son - what a wonderful addition to our family he has been!!

8 lbs 10 oz 20.25 in
Family of Four

Photography by our wonderful friend and photographer Dalayna

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