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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank a Farmer

Wow it has been two weeks already since my last post, I think this blogging thing is going to be harder to keep up on than I thought!

I've been meaning to write a post about agriculture and try to utilize one of my minors from college (Ag Comm) haha...Steve and I both said the other day it has been such a long time since we've had to write a paper for school I think we've forgotten how to properly write one so bear with me on my posts :-)

My soon to be Sister-In-Law sent me this video the other day about why God made farmers, I thought it was a really good reminder of all the things farmers do on a daily basis. It also reminded me a lot of my childhood because the narration is done by Paul Harvey and his was one voice that could always be heard in my house around lunch!

Thinking about my childhood I'm reminded that life on the farm wasn't for me; I was always to far away from my friends and I didn't understand why we couldn't live in town too. I always told my dad that I would never live on a farm when I grew up, ya that idea totally backfired on me huh?! I met and fell in love with a farm boy in college and in less than a year I will be a farmer's wife just like my mom. I've since grown to appreciate all the things farm life can teach you and started to embrace my roots. Steve and I lived in Fargo for 5 years and that was enough 'city' life for the both of us we are so happy to be living on the farm again!

This Thanksgiving I hope everyone remembers to thank the people who provide us with the gift of food...especially the North Dakota Farmers they are truly amazing, check out the following ND Ag Facts!

Oh and did I mention the average American farmer feeds 155 people ... seriously go thank a farmer today!! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Laura Beth

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