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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snapfish Books

My Snapfish Books are some of my favorite projects, they take a lot of my time and effort but I'm always pleased with the outcomes. I might push them on people too much though haha I enjoy looking at them so much and think everyone should be just as excited :-) 

I have a book for every year Steve and I dated (well I need to get started on year 6) then a book from our Cabo trip and our wedding Guest Book is one of Snapfish's LayFlat books ... okay yes, you could maybe say I'm obsessed. I guess I'd rather have neatly organized books than stacks and stacks of photos. 

A few weeks ago I got two more books to add to my collection, it never hurts when I can get both books for 50% off!! 

Last year I had told you about my new project I was starting, my 52 week book. This book turned out amazing and I couldn't be happier! I did one page per week and then have one photo from the week on the page along with a paragraph telling about what I did that week. It is really fun to look back on 2012 this way, I plan on keeping it up for 2013 ... we are already in week 8 so I better get going!! 

I also made a book from our recent Honeymoon trip to Puerto Vallarta, this one turned out great and helps me remember what we did for a week in the beautiful tropical paradise. 

If you ever need a new photo book to add to your shelf I highly recommend making it on Snapfish :: My Next Project Is Our Wedding Day

Laura Beth

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