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Sunday, March 31, 2013

25th Birthday Recap

I'm 25!! Oh my goodness somedays I feel like I just graduated from high school and that was already 7 years ago - Crazy!! 

My birthday was on a Sunday and I decided to celebrate the Friday before in Fargo. My Parents, Eri, Walker, Steve & I went out for supper at Mezzaluna; the food was delicious and the atmosphere made us feel like we were in Chicago or New York. It was fun to go out somewhere new and I enjoyed not being at a chain restaurant. Erika was sneaky and made cupcakes for me, she arranged it with the restaurant to bring them to me at the end of the meal, there was one for all 6 of us ... the cupcakes were delicious and it made me feel SuPeR SpEcIaL!! 
After supper there was a surprise birthday/welcome home party for my cousin Amy at the HoDo - so we went there, visited, had a few beers then Steve NEEDED a TV so we went to a sports bar. It was the start of March Madness and Kansas was playing their first game, thank goodness they won. 
A bunch of our friends came out and we all had a great time celebrating!!

Here are some pictures from the weekend :: 

My Amazing Filet Mignon from Mezzaluna

My Beautiful birthstone ring from My Hubby

My Sister's wonderful Pinterest-inspired gifts and the Box Set of Sex and the City

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  1. Hey girl! I saw your comment on my bumpdate - I made the template myself in Photoshop (: