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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yes << Can Be Life Changing

Have you ever wondered how many things you miss out on by saying no? 

Whether you are saying no because you are shy, insecure, nervous or just a fun-hater, there are some opportunities that are going to better your life and you should really consider what one little word and a change in attitude could do for you.

Say Yes.

I have decided to say Yes to Amber's #SayYesProject >> Read all about Here.

Sometimes, I get it, you'd rather sit on the couch, veg out and not associate with anyone; don't worry I have plenty of those days myself. I've decided, though, to start becoming more involved ... in my own life, my friend's lives and in my community. I'm Saying Yes!

Don't worry I don't plan on getting all Jim Carrey crazy on you and Red Bull will not be in my diet anytime in the near future.

Here are a few things I'm proud to have said Yes to in the past couple months.

...To being in a TV commercial. Oh let me tell you how cheesy I sound in this thing {not to mention I think I forgot makeup that day, wow}. I have been on the committee for a few months now and involved in promoting the town that I live in. I have been working closely with the civic and commerce and different members of our lovely North Dakota town. I have beyond enjoyed this, putting my communication degree to some good use and promoting this beautiful town and the wonderful businesses and people in it.

...To becoming members of our church. The hubby and are officially members of the same church. I was still considered a member at the church I grew up in even though I hardly went there anymore. To make this step in our faith together as husband & wife was pretty special to me.

...To a photo contest. I entered a photo contest in BEEF magazine and made it in the top 10. I don't think I won but it was pretty cool to see my photo on their website.

...To offering Sponsorships. I love when people promote my blog and I also love to talk about the amazing blogs I read on a daily basis. Stay tuned for some great October Sponsor news.

...To going to the Bar with Hubby. It is harvest so I don't get to see my husband very often and he doesn't get to do much except sit in a tractor or semi. He got done early last weekend and as much as I really wanted some 1on1 time {which would have resulted in us passing out on the couch watching TV} we decided to hang out at the bar. Had a great time with friends and found some interesting reading material.

...To donating to my Radio Station. Sounds odd right?! Well I listen to Life 97.9 which is the christian radio station in my area. One thing I love about them is there are no commercials {worst part of the radio right?!} so without the money from commercials they are 100% listener supported. I finally, after many years of listening, have decided to donate during their fall fundraiser.

...To photos just for me. I've been super, overwhelmingly busy with my side photography business lately. I love it, don't get me wrong, but it has been less enjoyable for me recently. With all the editing, and questions like 'are my pictures done yet' I knew I needed to take a few steps back and remember why I loved the camera in my hands. These photos helped me so much, no people in them, just the beauty of a sunset and some back country roads. {Note: there has been no editing on these bad boys, came straight from my camera ... just added my watermark so no one tries to claim them as their own}

 ...To video chats with 'strangers'. That is right I participated in the FIRST EVER Happy Hour Hangout session last night. With bloggers I knew and some I didn't know. I made some great new friends, learned more about blogging and drank some good wine. Amber and Ashten now have this exclusive 'wear pink' club and I'm so happy to be a part of it. You need to participate in this and I'm about to run over and sign up for December, I know I could use a talk with these ladies again. If you haven't done so already take some time and check out my new friends. Amber, Erin, Meg, Kate & Adam, Brit, Nikki, Alexes, Margaret and Ashten

Okay now do you see all the positive outcomes that can come out of one little word? Yes. It can be an amazing little tool if you use it correctly. Get out there in the world and go live a little - don't let no hold you back. 

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  1. Let me count the ways this makes me happy... Wait, IMPOSSIBLE because this, girl, is golden! You have just made my sick little heart so full of joy. Saying an extra prayer thanking Him for you tonight! :)

  2. Had a FABULOUS time last night! We are soooooo doing it again!!


  3. THIS IS SO AMAZING. Way to go, you! Saying yes to so many amazing things. Saying yes is so addicting huh?!

  4. I love this post! I've been having a tough time recently, and I finally decided to do some things just for ME. It's so liberating! :)


  5. I love that you donated to a radio station you love. So sweet of you And yay for offering sponsorships!

  6. Brooklyn, thanks! Now I don't feel guilty when I listen to the station anymore during donation time.

  7. All the things you are saying YES to are awesome! DO you guys have an actually project going or just following someone else's lead to be more positive. I think it's great and hope to include a bit of your awesome SPIRIT into my daily life. Getting married in 8 days from now, I need all the help I can get from people. So, technically speaking, I need to say more YES and get the juices flowing .Thanks for the inspiration! -Lean (

  8. Awww, that's so awesome!! And yeah, probably avoid the Jim Carrey style, but this is great, I love how "yes" has brought so many good things into your lives!

  9. So many wonderful things to say Yes to!! Those pictures are gorgeous- fall is definitely one time of the year I really miss living in the country!! It's just not the same in the city.

  10. Amber from Mr. Thomas & Me has started the Say Yes Project. Glad I could be inspiring! Happy Almost Wedding Day!!

  11. Thank you! It really has felt great to stop holding back by saying know. Hope you can include yes in your life a little more!

  12. Thank you so much. I can't wait to get some pictures when the leaves really start changing!