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Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Lately

Well lets see, life revolves around the 'lil lady of the house :Brea: but I am going to try and write a post that doesn't revolve around her {key word - try}.

Life Lately

:: Lately I have been enjoying my book by a fellow blogger called Children of the Most High

:: Lately the rain doesn't seem to want to stop - I want Summer and sunshine!!

:: Lately I have been getting really excited for the 4th of July. Every year we have a big bash at my parents' lake home and I can't wait for another great year

:: Lately I feel like summer is already over before it has officially started. We have so many planned events and that makes the summer fly by way too fast

:: Lately I have been reading my Bible and immersing myself in His word - it feels amazing. I am a little behind in my #MilkingStoolMinistry but I think Amber will forgive me. I am learning so many amazing things in the book of John!

:: Lately even though the rain needs to stop I LOVE watching the lightning during a storm

:: Lately I have been so so so frustrated with Aflac - it took them over 3 months to change my credit card after the Target breach; but they didn't even change it and said my policy was cancelled because my card didn't work

:: Lately my ND blogging bestie has been looking for other ND bloggers >> If you are one CLICK HERE

:: Lately I have been really busy with my photography business - Just last night I got to snuggle a 2 week old {swoon}


What have you been up to Lately? Let me know what is on your mind!!

Steven, Brea and I are headed to the lake tonight after work and I hope the sun shines even at night because there has been WAY to much precipitation down there!!

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  1. I love watching lightning during storms!! The lake house sounds glorious :)

  2. It's cool. I obsessed with my dog too.
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I'm ready for the rain to stop as well! It has been uncharacteristically wet for summer.