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Friday, August 8, 2014

Currently :: Aug 2014

fjord, waterfall, mountains, clouds, heaven

Feeling :: So excited to be home! Sometimes the greatest part of long vacations is getting home. Although I really miss the fjord and mountain views, they beat the feedlot view any day!! {Don't worry, more detailed vacation posts to come}

Reading :: Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Page : Book 2

Photographing :: Babies, Seniors, Couples, Families ... Yep I am super busy. As a natural light outdoor photographer in North Dakota summer is my prime time!!

Enjoying :: Time with our Brea Babe!! Ahh I missed her the 20 days she was at boot camp, but I'm really glad we sent her to a trainer while we were gone!

Listening :: Nora Jones station on iTunes Radio ... This station has a great variety and for some reason Nora's song 'Come Away With Me' is all I want to hear lately!


Now that I am home I plan on catching up on your blogs and getting my redesign in full swing. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - I'll be busy with the dreaded task of unpacking!!

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  1. Love the picture! Your trip must have been amazing. :)

  2. Norah Jones! I love her so much. I haven't listened to her in years, though. Her music brings back memories from years ago when I would listen to her on repeat. The next time I'm relaxing, I;m going to turn on that station!

  3. It was so amazing I still can't believe I was really there!

  4. She just has such an amazing voice … I had forgot about her too but so glad I started listening again :-)