Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brea and the Chase

Good Morning...
or maybe not such a good morning because Brea has decided to chase my car when I leave for work. As I pointed out on Instagram I am NOT a morning person and apparently Brea is having some separation anxiety, unfortunately this does not help my mood or my ability to arrive at work on time. People with farm dogs, any tips on getting your dog not to chase cars?? I'm so sad because she was doing so good and now all the sudden she thinks she needs to come with me. She is almost 7 months old is that equivalent to the terrible twos??

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Anyway, before 9am I was on my second cup of coffee {that never happens I usually only have one cup} and I am ready for this Tuesday to be over!!

Hope your Tuesday started better than mine!!

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  1. So, I don't have a farm dog obviously..BUT do you leave her outside all day? or do you kennel her up when you are gone? You could maybe try an invisible fence. Or work with her on the stay command if you haven't already.

  2. Not all day. If Steve is in the yard we leave her out but if we are gone we kennel her. The only problem in the mornings now is Steve is busy feeding cows so he isn't there to yell at her. She needs to get WAY better at stay to get that to work haha I have just started to kennel her when I leave :-)

  3. Warner has really bad separation anxiety. It's gotten worse as his health got stupid this year. Poor Brea. It's not easy to leave your babies all day!