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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tea with Mrs. Laura B

Oh hello dear blog and blog readers that I've been neglecting - seems like I'm quite good at that but what else can I say except Life Happens - at least I update Instagram right?!

This week has been run. run. run but somehow I have more energy than usual; I suppose being busy instead of caught in the boring mundane helps! 

I want to update you on life, so let's sit down for some tea, coffee or whatever your drink of choice is {you have wine in your cup before noon?! More power to ya} and catch up!


 ** Speaking of Drink of Choice I've really been on a Tea kick lately. Steve was sick in January and so we went through a lot of Tea, Honey, YL Thieves Essential Oil and YL Lemon Essential Oil and now whenever I feel my immune system faltering that is my goto drink!

** If you were wondering YL stands for Young Living. I'm o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with these oils and truly believe they work - if you ever want more info on them please let me know!!

** I just got done having a Jamberry party and am $4 away from a $1000 party, so I'd say it went over well - and with good reason because these wraps are awesome. You can order until the 28th if you are interested CLICK HERE

** Hello BABY FEVER! I got to meet my new 2nd cousin and he was soooo sweet - makes me 'almost' ready for one of those mini humans
North Dakota, LB Photography

** Just checked on my Zulily order - it is arriving today and there are some pretty fab things in there!

** Tried out a new All You Can Eat sushi place last night with a girlfriend and I was in heaven. I usually drop $40+ on my orders so paying only $27 and getting Waayyy more food was so awesome. Plus I tried things I normally wouldn't spend money on. Are you a sushi fan?

** I'm Sick Of Winter

** I put my fitbit back on this week - hoping I can stick with it and it helps me keep track of eating and {my lack of} exercise! So far I've learned I eat more calories than I burn ... oops!

Okay my cup is empty - I need a refill and you need to tell me what you've been up to!!

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my FitBit. But I am sticking with it. I have noticed myself making better choices with food since I do log my food just because I don't want it to "judge" me. :)

  2. All you can eat sushi?? YES PLEASE! We're actually going on a sushi date tomorrow night, gah this is scary lol!

  3. Yes I try and have the fitbit website up on my computer at work because I think it is easier to log food on there rather than the app. So I do notice saying no to things that I know are bad for me. Plus I got the Aria Scale for Christmas and I think that helps too that it syncs to my account :-) Hope once spring hits it'll keep me more motivated! *crossing my fingers*

  4. I'm almost glad I live 70miles from a sushi place otherwise I'd be super broke!! And Yes the All You Can Eat feature was pretty awesome!
    Eat some extra for this Laura Beth ;-)

  5. I have been trying to get a bit more motivated with my Fitbit lately too. I find joining in on challenges helps because I am too competitive. :-)