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30 Before 30

>>Become a Mom Quinn's Birth Story
>>Travel somewhere Across The Ocean Norway
>>Run a 10k
>>Go on a trip By Myself {kind of - went to Denver for training, first solo plane ride}
>>Live in our house {sanely} during a Kitchen Remodel
>>Read 15 Books {3 books per year - this is the low end I hope I read way more} Goodreads
>>Have a photography print purchased {by someone other than a family member/friend}
>>Attend a {good aka both teams top ranked} game at Allan Fieldhouse 
>>Get {at least} 4 more tattoos 2 down 2+ to go
>>Attend a Blog/Photo conference 
>>Make my own wine
>>Have a murder/mystery dinner party
>>Take my husband to a Final 4 game {preferably one where KU plays}
>>Make lefse with my Grandma
>>Become a volunteer or chaperone at gathering/mission trip
>>Anonymously pay for a strangers meal {pay it forward}
>>Unplug {from technology} for a week
>>Perform in a play/musical
>>Take a trip along Hwy 101 Rote West Adventure
>>Continue to make a scrapbook of our years together
>>Take a trip on a Train
>>See the Northern Lights {and take amazing photos of them}
>>Have a weekend getaway with my 3 best friends
>>Complete a 356 photo-a-day project
>>Be in the audience for The Ellen Show {preferably one of her Christmas giveaway shows}
>>Have a auntie day/overnight trip with the nieces
>>Visit {at least} 2 Eastern States
>>Get a new blog design I love love love it
>>Book a Photo Shoot for myself - a pamper day
>>Go on a romantic vacation with my husband

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  1. New reader :)

    Love #4 - I've traveled alone two times, & I LOVED it. One of the most exciting & liberating experiences of my life.

    Are you a photographer? My website is

    Looks like you live in the Midwest? I live in the KC area!

    I have a Top 10 'Life List' - #1 is to visit England. I'm currently planning to travel there May 2016. See the Northern Lights is also on that list!