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Friday, May 15, 2015

Where is Time Going

Honestly where does the time go and how is it May 15th already.

Day 135|365 that is just crazy!!

The number of times I've tried to write a post is pretty high and instead of saving it in drafts I've just completely deleted the whole thing - sometimes this blogging thing is hard!

My life has felt like a whirlwind lately and since I'm all about the lists with my new found love of bullet journaling that is what you are getting as a recap of my life as of late; a list and pictures::

:: My sister and I {with the help of my dad} successfully threw an early 60th Surprise Birthday party for my mom. Her birthday isn't until June 4 but we decided on Mother's Day weekend instead and thank goodness that we did because it was the perfect front to not cause too much suspicion!!

:: I'm in love with Create The Cut and their florals make me happy to sit in photoshop for hours

:: Even if life seems to be zooming by I still made time to sit, read and laugh at my fat cat

:: My sister put an offer in on a house and since I never had that experience I'm ESTATIC for her and her boyfriend!! {crossing my fingers the home inspection goes good}

:: Steven and I planted Hydrangeas {okay he planted and I watched and watered them when he told me} along the fence in our back yard and they are so cute. They are the incrediball variety so I can't wait until they start getting some Huge blooms!

:: We were really hurting for rain and now since it has started it won't stop and we are really wanting sunshine. Sometimes I think farmers are bipolar because one week they want one extreme & after they get it, then they want the other extreme haha

:: I went in to the Dermatologist for a skin check on the 8th. I hadn't been there since 2011 and had some moles I was worried about. I ended up needing 2 removed {one on each breast} and had that procedure done on the 12th. So now I have stitches and I am hoping and praying that the tests on the moles comes back with no abnormalities. It is still a scary thing to go through and I really wish those test results were instant!!

:: Met up with my best friends for supper this week and I really wish we all lived in the same town - it was great to see and talk to them in person instead of via technology

:: This weekend we aren't slowing down either - Tonight: is Ron White - Tomorrow: My youngest SIL graduates from college - Sunday: Soon-to-be-cousin's Bridal Shower :: Whew, I guess I can sleep when I'm dead ;-)

Hope you all {the 3 people that read my blog hehe} have a wonderful weekend and if you are Norwegian don't forget to celebrate Syttende Mai!!

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  1. sending you the best vibes for those test results! it is so scary to think of what things could be. and just like you think farmer's are bipolar, i'm pretty sure us Californians are too. we are in a drought and as much rain as we need, it is may and we aren't used to such cool whether around these parts this time of year. LOL.

  2. Sending lots of prayers for your results! It's great you are being proactive. Have a great weekend!

  3. It is very crazy that it is already mid May! It seems like things seem to be going better since the last time we talked and yes, we all hope those results come back with good news!

  4. whoa and now it is June seriously time needs to slow down ;-) Thank you friend. I'm happy the results came back clean!

  5. Thank you so much! Results were good so that was a huge relief!

  6. Thank you so much!! The results were good so thanks for the good thoughts!