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Friday, September 4, 2015

From the Farm Friday : n u m b e r 4

What do farmers keep busy with when they are in between harvesting crops?

If that isn't your questions it is one of mine, especially when I ask my farmer to make plans with me and "he is busy" …
Just FYI for those soon to be farmer wives or ladies who are interested in farmers. "I'm too busy" is a common phrase that you will wish wasn't in the vocabulary. Remember farmers don't work 9-5!!

Main things going on around here in between crops is equipment maintenance & tillage. Since I'm not here during the day I don't know all the details of in between harvest season but I know there are different parts of the combine that need to be tailored to each crop so they are busy with fine tuning. As far as tillage goes the crops for next spring need a good seed bed, so after the wheat is harvested in the fall they will dig up the field exposing fresh dirt so come spring it is ready to plant a new crop into.

Since we aren't only grain farmers Steve is also busy making sure all our cattle are doing well in their pastures.

There is a nice little breather between crops though so if the weather cooperates {and Steve isn't busy} we usually try and hang out by the river and soak up the last warm days of summer while the animals appreciate us grilling and hanging out with them!




Hope you all have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!!

**If you are lucky you can find me on Periscope and/or Snapchat this weekend @mrslaurabeth

Farm ladies what does your farm look like between wheat and bean harvest? {link up your farm post below}

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