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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tea with Mrs. Laura B

Friends, I am so glad you could join me for a hot cup today! Sit down, relax and let's chat!!

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// If We Were Having Tea I would tell you I have felt like a crazy person lately with all I have going on. Relay for Life - IF gathering - busy season at work - personal stuff and Life in general … whew! So, we would get all the heavy lifting off our chests right away. Tell me what has been weighing on you, I'm all ears…

// If We Were Having Tea Phil the groundhog would probably come up in conversation and I would call him out on his BS job because really, it was 40+ degrees Monday and yesterday didn't even get to 30 and it snowed. Spring better be back today guy!!

// If We Were Having Tea we would talk about our current favorite songs. Mine is If We're Honest by Francesca Battistelli and has been since my sister and I saw her in concert last September. Her voice is beautiful and this song is just, breathtaking - I cried when I heard her sing it!! What is your current song on repeat??

// If We Were Having Tea I would ask your favorite exercise?! I really need to get back into something. Occasionally I go to zumba {occasionally is used VERY loosely and I haven't been since before Thanksgiving} and I have a yoga mat because I did that once or twice. I have such a sedentary job {and lifestyle} that I need to start doing something because I'm so stiff and sore. So, fill me in on what keeps you active.

// If We Were Having Tea we would talk about my sister's upcoming September wedding - it is coming so fast!! I can't wait, she found her dress in January and details are coming together!!

// If We Were Having Tea I would ask if you've read these posts by some of my favorite ladies: A Choice; by Kenzie : The Things I'm Willing To Struggle For; by Samantha : And Then All of A Sudden, I Wasn't Anymore; by Erin

// If We Were Having Tea there would be stuff I talk about that I haven't shared on the blog yet - but my drafts are getting full so in due time I hope I can find it in me to click Publish!!

// If We Were Having Tea I would tell you that this community that you are a part of {blog readers and writers} is amazing and I have some irreplaceable friendships because of it so thank you!! And for those of you that I've had the pleasure of meeting - well you are such a blessing. Speaking of, I get to see Erin this weekend because she is coming to IF and I CAN'T WAIT!!
Speaking of IF - do you plan to attend an IF : Local or the Texas event this weekend? I can't wait to host my first event and unite with all these Godly women!!

Thank you so much for joining me for tea, I hope we can catch up again soon!
Have a glorious rest of your week and comment with any prayer requests and we will be sure to include you in our prayers at the IF gathering!!

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