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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tea with Mrs. Laura B

It has been too many weeks since we've had tea, so hurry up, sit down we have a lot of catching up to do!!

Mrs Laura Beth, Tea, Essential Oils

// If We Were Having Tea I would be drinking my tea with Young Living Thieves and Lemon essential oil. These oils are a staple in our farm house and I'm very passionate about this oil brand that cares about the farming production as well as the oil quality

// If We Were Having Tea we would talk about you - how is your heart?

// If We Were Having Tea you would hear about Ember - she will be 6mo old on the 25th and has been at training for the past week and I miss her tons!!

// If We Were Having Tea I would tell you how happy I am that I went through with hosting IF : Ransom County. The IF company is so inspiring and the God fearing women who are a part of it just warm my soul. IF:Gathering has a new app so be sure to check it out and jump in with the study of the Nicene Creed

// If We Were Having Tea you would know I'm excited to add another year to my name on Thursday. I've learned SO MUCH in year 27 and know that going into 28 God has a better future for me than what I can try and meticulously plan out

// If We Were Having Tea I would tell you all about the story behind my newest tattoo - but only if you asked and wanted to know because I understand how tattoos aren't for everyone!

// If We Were Having Tea we would talk about Lake Season!!!! It is almost here and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

// If We Were Having Tea I would share about a new group of women I'm a part of called CommonGround - they are trying to break the barrier between consumer and farmer but going at it from a perspective that often gets forgotten - the Female one!!

// If We Were Having Tea I would humbly brag that I was a finalist in a nation wide photography contest and that means I was in the top 3.5% of all that entered!!

// If We Were Having Tea
I could talk your ear off all day and need to just write it down and blog about it but I'm in toooooo much stuff so blogging has fallen by the wayside. Thank you to those who stick by me and know they can find me all over the internet for more up to date interaction : Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : Snapchat/mrslaurabeth

Thank you so much for joining me - I hope we can have tea on more of a regular basis in the coming months because I love catching up with you!!


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