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Friday, May 13, 2016

Mr. Gus

I had planned to update you all on the planting season in a From the Farm Friday edition but instead I bring you a sad post.
Our sweet Gus passed away yesterday.

I brought him and his brother home in 2011. A lady my mom worked with was getting rid of unexpected kittens. She brought them to me in a gym bag and they were squirming and meowing and it was a bag full of cuteness that I couldn't wait to bring home!!
Gus and his brother, Todd, have filled the farm with so much character and they are the best little hunters around. Gus was my cuddler, whenever I was outside he would find any way possible to get in my lap or be as close to me as possible. He was Ember's favorite and I know she is going to miss him a lot because Todd doesn't put up with any of her puppy shenanigans!
I am sure going to miss this handsome green-eyed guy!!

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