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Friday, December 16, 2016

Growing Baby Rote - 24 wks

How far along:  24 Weeks

I’m feeling: Overall I'm still feeling great! Had some dull pain due to ligament stretching this week but was hardly noticeable. My gums have been pretty tender so just trying to be more gentle when I brush and floss.
If I sit for long periods of time the left side of my back really flares up so my sedentary job is super fun right now - which is why you will find me being the crazy pregnant lady taking laps around the conference room table!!

Total weight gain: 14lbs

Baby Rote’s size: about the size of an Eggplant {13 in & 1.5 lbs}

This week: We had our midwife appointment on the 14th and all went well! Measuring right on track and heartbeat at 140bpm. {my guess is we are having a girl}

Maternity clothes: Still don't have a need for them

Sleep: Happily enjoying 8+ hours of sleep

Best moment this week: Steve got to find the heartbeat at our appointment so that was pretty special, instead of him just sitting there!! He also felt the baby kick this past week, although it probably doesn't feel as cool for him as it does for me!!

Movement: Feeling it more and more as this little one grows

Food cravings: sweets {hello Christmas goodies} - My new addiction is scrambled eggs on toast with shredded cheese

Food aversions: nothing but really trying not to consume too much sugar this holiday season

Belly button in or out: still in but seems to be getting more flat as this belly grows

Looking forward to: getting the glucose test out of the way at our next appointment

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