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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Growing Baby Rote - 35 wks

How far along:  35 Weeks

I’m feeling: Large

Total weight gain: 27 lbs - almost 3 pounds in a week, yikes!! Baby is making up for no gain between weeks 33 & 34.

Baby Rote’s size: Between 18-19 in and 5-6 lbs - comparable to a Bunch Of Carrots, a Honeydew Melon, or a Pineapple

This week: Super busy week. Baby appointment on the 24th - everything still measuring right on track, heartbeat was 148bpm.
Had Baby Shower on the 26th.

Sleep: getting comfortable is becoming more of a challenge but once I'm asleep I have no problem staying asleep, except of course for the 3:30am bathroom break

Best moment this week: The Baby Shower was amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. We are so loved by our family and friends and I can't thank my sister enough for all the adorable details she put into it. I spent 2.5 hours opening gifts and the whole day was a wonderful blur!
Very thankful too for the guys in my life that helped in cleaning up the shop so it didn't totally smell of cow poop (hehe) it was so nice to have the shower right in my own back yard!!

Movement: Baby either likes car rides or dislikes them, I haven't figured that out yet but it seems whenever I get in the car it is time for a dance party in my belly!

Food cravings: Picked up a bag of Cuties (mini orange things) and those are so delicious I couldn't get enough of them this week

Food aversions: nothing

Belly button in or out: more out than in

Looking forward to: Maternity photos on the 5th

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