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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Quinn : Month 3

t h r e e m o n t h s
Quinn this was a busy month, you got your two month shots on June 12th and took them like a champ. By now you probably weigh over 12 lbs (you were 11lbs and 23in at your appointment) 
We stayed at the lake a few times and you are so good at traveling and sleeping new places!! Celebrated Dad's first Father's Day and you gifted him a long nap 💙 We did a lot of baby wearing and I had a hard time watching you grow up knowing I went back to work July 5 - but you (and I) survived your first three days of daycare so now we will learn a new routine. You seem to be learning every day are slowly outgrowing your swaddle and managed to army crawl and roll (kick) to your stomach on July 4 and you Love to stand, with assistance of course!! Tonight we are making you sleep in your room for the first time and I am going to miss you so much!! You are seriously so fun right now your dad and I just love to interact with you - his favorite is to blow on you and watch your reaction and I love to do 'so big' and watch you get a HUGE grin. 

Loves: car rides, making faces with mom & dad, her DockATot, silent laughing (haven't quite got the sound part down), being worn, watching baseball on TV, her tongue 

Hates: same as last month (being gassy, waiting to eat, being overtired, getting her nose cleaned out)

Nicknames: baby girl, little gremlin, Quinnie, chunky chicken, miss Q, munchkin, girlfriend 

Skills: kicking, grabbing at items & sticking them in her mouth, army crawl/scooting, rolling from stomach to back, standing (with help)

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