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Friday, September 8, 2017

Quinn : 5 months

f i v e m o n t h s:
Quinn you have started talking up a storm. Mainly it is a tactic to keep yourself awake, I think, but either way, it's adorable listening to you try and make words haha.
This month flew by much like the rest. You had 4 month shots on the 15th and did great. Also at that time you weighed in at 13lb 4.5oz.
You went to your first birthday party for cousin Kaylee on the 20th and loved playing with her birthday crown.
You helped mom serve supper to the 4-H kids at the county fair - everyone loved our wildbird sling. You enjoy watching the cows in the yard with dad, and would crawl in there with them if you could.
We have successfully dropped your swaddle and rolling over from your back to stomach was your big accomplishment this month - it's now one of your favorite things. Dad and I can't set you down thinking you'll stay put anymore 🙈
You hung out with mom at work this afternoon and did so good - a great Anniversary present!!
Your smiles get sweeter by the day and we adore you so much, even if you don't sleep through the night anymore!! 

Loves: rolling over, her tongue, LeRoy the Lion, petting Ember & Daisy, watching sports with dad, chewing on your thumb (hope she's not a thumb sucker)

Hates: waiting to eat, being overtired

Nicknames: gremlin, Quinn Babe, munchkin, chunky chicken

Skills: Rolling, sitting up (for longer periods of time before falling over)












8.29.17 Photos by Creative Pictures 

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