Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Quinn : 7 months

s e v e n m o n t h s
Quinn you are growing up so much. This was such a big month and I was nervous about starting a new routine because the one we had worked so well! But, I put my anxieties aside and we started feeding you real food on the 11th, no mushed up food, you eat what we eat (also known as baby led weaning). Watching you explore food has been so fun and makes Mom and Dad eat healthier. 
You are sitting up so well, it’s kind of nice we don’t have to hold you when you want to sit anymore. Especially in your bathtub, you love to sit so you can splash and grab your toys! 
We took your dockatot away on the 19th and you have done really well in your crib, scared us right away when you slept on your stomach but thanks to your owlet we knew you were breathing. Your naps at daycare are horrible, 30 min is your max nap these days but on the weekends you’ll nap for 90 min, you just can’t miss out on the fun at daycare I guess. 
You are not used to the night time routine without me, it’s just not the same, Dad says that will change when he is done with harvest! 
Nov 2nd I woke up to you crying and you’d spit up and rolled all over in it, now with food this smells a lot less like sour milk - you were fine and went right back to sleep when dry. 
You had shots on the 17th and weighed 15lbs (14lbs 15.5 oz if you want to get technical) and were 25.5inches tall. 
You love to ‘sing’ to the radio on our way to work in the mornings; it’s the best!! You celebrated your first Halloween as a Gnome, in a costume that Auntie Eri made for you and booties I bought in Norway. 
It was a good month and I have a feeling there will be a lot more mobility in month 7. Love you sweet gremlin

Loves: splashing in the bath, Mom’s milk, getting scared by Dad, car seat naps, being silly with Mom & Dad before bed, Books: That’s Not My Cow & Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hates: waiting to eat, being overtired, bedtime without Mom 

Nicknames: gremlin, Quinn Babe, munchkin, chunky chicken

Skills: sitting up, learning to eat solids, sleeping through the night in a wide open crib 



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