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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Growing Baby Rote2: 24 Weeks

How far along: 24 weeks

I’m feeling: Really good. Feeling larger by the day but overall no complaints except some minor rib pain here and there.

Total weight gain: 18 lbs - I'm wondering how much of that is from allllll the mashed potatoes I ate over Thanksgiving break!

Baby Rote’s size: About the size of an Eggplant {13 in 1.5 lbs}

This week: Just getting over a turkey coma - had a great Thanksgiving weekend visiting family. We made the trip to the cities to Steve's Aunt's and I was thankful for no back pain during the long drive, when I was pregnant with Quinn that drive was NOT fun!!

Maternity clothes: Ordered some Blanqi leggings from their Black Friday sale so I'm excited to try those out! I'm living in Leggings these days so, some with added support sound wonderful.

Sleep: I feel like I toss and turn a lot more these days but I still sleep pretty well. I ordered a pregnancy pillow a few weeks ago, I'm really partial to my regular pillow so I'm not totally sold on it yet.

Best moment this week: feeling the baby have the hiccups on the 20th

Movement: lots of movement - feels like the baby is having fun swimming in there

Food cravings: nothing really, especially after the week of over indulging

Food aversions: nope still good there

Belly button in or out: out for the most part

Looking forward to: 24 week appointment this week

11.01.18 Ultrasound

11.01.18 Ultrasound

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