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  1. Hi !
    We love your jams and salsa ! I work at the Fareway at 168 th and Harrison ( Audrey St. ) Omaha, NE
    We just recently discovered your BACON salsa. My husband ate half the jar one night and we made nacho's the next night and finished it.
    I bought the last two jars on the shelf the next day.
    Someone re-filled them and my co-workers bought them up.
    I looked last week and there are no new ones.
    Would you be willing to bring them next time you come?
    I hope this is a permanent item in our store as we are now hooked !

    Thank you !

    Sue Vaughan

  2. Where can we buy your strawberry jam and rhubarb strawberry jam , we have bought it before in hyvee they no longer have it we live in sioux falls sd