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Monday, September 5, 2011

We didn't even last a week...

We've been engaged for One Week!!
 Photo By: Stacy Erdmann

It was harder than we thought to not tell people we were engaged so we told people before the weekend. On Wednesday we told Steve's family and on Thursday we went to Nome to tell my family.

The biggest response has been people telling us it was about time; and I'd have to say I agree :-) Once the word was out everything has been moving so fast; I want to get the planning done and enjoy as much as we can of our engagement because I can already tell it'll be over before we know it! We are hoping to get married sometime in fall of 2012 there are just some places we need to get finalized for the big day then we'll announce the date!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend with this lovely fall weather. Steve and I hung out with the Froemke family today down at the River it was a great relaxing Labor Day. 'Captain' Ryan even gave us a ride up river on the new River Queen (pontoon) it was such a nice evening!

- Laura Beth

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