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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twins Game!

I finally made it to Target Field for a Twins game. The weekend of the 16th Steve my parents and I headed to the cities for a Friday night game. It was a pretty chilly weekend and we didn't even think about bringing a blanket to the game! The Twins lost (no surprise) but it was still exciting to be there and they only lost by a run so it was a good game!

On our cities trip we went to IKEA and ended up spending 4 hours there ... holy crap I love that store. I need to bring my sister there for sure, she would love it!

We are lucky to have a big family and love that some of them live in the Cities. We didn't have to stay at a hotel either night there. On Friday night we stayed at Aunt Judy's (my mom's sister) and on Saturday we stayed at Aunt Angie's (Steve's Dad's sister). We had a great time it was nice to just to get away from home for a couple days!

We made a pit-stop at the lake on the way was Beautiful!

- Laura Beth

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