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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spirit Lake Connections

As most of you know I'm obsessed with the lake. I've always wished we had a lake to go to in MN; I've went with my best friend to her lake since early middle school and LOVED it! To my delight my parents bought an AWESOME lake home on Spirit Lake almost 3 years ago and Erika and I are both in Love with it! 

Last summer I was lucky enough to live at the lake with Eri, even though we were home at opposite hours it was great to live there with my 'lil sis. Last summer (2010) I got a job as a waitress at Billy's Bar and Grill in Vergas, MN. It was great and I met so many amazing friends because of this job! This summer, however, my current employer wouldn't let me take the summer off so I could work at the lake again, I know, bummer! :-) But I was hoping to work at Billy's during Looney Daze (Vergas's town celebration) this summer unfortunately that didn't happen. Luckily I met some great people last summer and I got the chance to help out at Skålthe newest bar/grill in town, during Looney Daze! I had a blast helping my friends at Skål and was super excited when my friend, co-owner of Skål and Spanky's Stone Hearth, asked me to help him out at some events over the summer. 

I'm a sad this summer is over but through all of my little jobs this summer and last I've realized how small the world is! I've met unforgettable people and I can't wait for another summer at Spirit Lake with all of my friends from Vergas! Good thing my parent's bought a year round lake home though so I don't have to wait a whole year; and Billy's, Skål and Spanky's are open year round even better!! Oh and if you haven't eaten (or had a cocktail) at one of these places please go check them out...I PrOmIsE the people are Awesome!

- Laura Beth

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