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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I became a Thirty-One consultant February 8th of last year. Almost a year ago already, my first year as a consultant has been great, I only have one recruit but that wasn't really my plan when I joined. I truly loved these products and still do, I'll admit I'm a bag lady! One of my big selling points in choosing this company was the fact that it's a company made by a woman for womem revolving around a Christian basis. A company that isn't afraid of letting people know their spiritual views is great to me. The founder of this company chose a verse from Proverbs 31:31 to name her company after. This verse talks about how women are Virtuous, and the rock of her family. Seriously a women empowering verse and a company based around it; who wouldn't want to be a part of it?!

I was reading a blog today and came across this post about Proverbs 31. I found the video in this post amazing and the post even more so, her strength while she battles cancer is empowering.
I'll always think of the company I work for when I hear about Proverbs 31 but now I'll also think of this video and remember that we are ALWAYS more than our outward appearance!!

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- Laura Beth

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