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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gunner Baby

He isn't such a baby anymore. March 19th he was 7 months old and HUGE. I’m sure he will only keep growing because his paws are still not proportional to the rest of his body haha … Gunner is a great puppy and still hasn’t killed my cats so I’m very proud of him!

I found out he is a little skittish around muskrats as we had one hiding in the garage the other day. I was freaked out by the thing and was hoping Gunner would take it and tear it to shreds and be my ‘protective’ German Shepherd but nooo what does he do, barks like a little girly dog at it! He finally grabbed it by the neck after Steven knocked it out; we’ll have to work on Gunner’s fierce skills!

Here is a video of Gunner from the 17th we went for a morning jog and he loved the water, I think he went in every slough along the way.

Gunner Loves to be a Bed Hog!

- Laura Beth

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