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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Update

Plans are coming along great, March 8th was the 6 month mark and now it is almost 5 months away. Steven and I got a lot done in March!

Registered at Bed Bath and Beyond
Picked out Bridesmaid Dresses
Picked out Tuxes
Chose a Wedding Vocalist
Made Some Centerpieces (We Still Need Corks*Hint*Hint)
Decided on Wedding Flowers
Met with Pastor Brad
Registered at Macy’s
Chose a Cake Maker
Decided on a Reception Menu (now we need to decided on a caterer)

We only have about a dozen of things left on our ‘to do’ list so that feels pretty good!

Flowers, Tuxes, Centerpieces, Dresses

- Laura Beth

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