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Sunday, June 16, 2013

It is Daddy's Day

Today is all about my Dad! Steven and I aren't parents yet so until then my Dad gets to bask in the glory, like he should. 

My Dad is pretty amazing, he is a hard worker, loving, understanding, a jokester, intelligent, a handyman and of course my list could go on and on. 

My upbringing and lifestyle is pretty much owed to my Dad. As I've said before I didn't really appreciate growing up on the farm when I was younger. It took me growing up and looking back to realize how lucky I was to have all the experiences I did as a kid. 

I can't even begin to think of everything my Dad has done for me and I'm forever grateful to him for all the life lessons I've learned along the way. I grew up a Farmer's Daughter and I know that will come in so handy now in my journey through life as a Farmer's Wife. I'm so thankful to have a Dad who provided for my sister and I but at the same time taught us what hard work is and that money doesn't grow on trees. The importance of family and good christian values has been instilled in me since a young age and these are the same things I want to pass down to my future children. 

I think my love of travel comes from my Dad and I definitely know I got his good sense of direction. He has passed down many things to me that I will take with me through life: his love of playing cards and board games; the knowledge that there is a pork chop in every can; telling stupid jokes can get a person to smile even if it is the last thing they want to do; determination and knowing that sometimes you have to do stuff you don't like in order to get the outcome you want; there are countless other things I've learned from my Dad and I know I will continue to learn from him day after day.  

Dad, thanks for everything you do and have done for me and helping to shape me into the young woman I am today. I'll forever be your first born and your little girl! - Love LB

I hope you got to celebrate your Dad today too!! 

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