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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Cara Box {Reveal}

I signed up for the Cara Box exchange once again for the month of May. If you are new to my blog and have never heard of Cara Box go check out Wifessionals and the great swap she has going on.

As much as I love this exchange and meeting new bloggers I will be taking the rest of the summer months off unless I see an awesome theme. I'm just too busy in the summer and can't devote my full attention to the project.

May's Theme was "Let's Get Regional" and we were to send our partner items from our region. I had fun with this theme because I could showcase some items that wouldn't be possible without our amazing farmers {my hubby included}. Head over to Jody's blog to see what I sent her.

I really enjoyed getting to know both of my partners this month, it is always fun to see how other people live in different regions compared to good 'ole North Dakota. 

My other partner was Michelle from Kansas whose husband works on a farm so our lives are pretty similar, she is also a fellow wine drinker so next time I'm in KS we may just have to have a glass {or 2}. 

Here is what was in my fabulous Cara Box:

Watkins Lavender Hand Cream - This will be perfect for my sensitive skin and I love lavender, there is just something so relaxing about that smell

Fresh Made Sunflower Brittle - I'm nibbling on this now and it is delicious, this bag probably won't last long at my house

Sweet Wine Muffin Mix - I can not wait to try these, I'm getting super hungry right now just thinking about them

Popcorn Bowls - Aren't these just the cutest things ever?! Now Steve and I each have our own little containers, so perfect 

Sunflower Seeds - Now these aren't the kind you eat but plant. I can't wait to see some huge sunflowers growing in our yard. This may be a fought over item in my box though because both my mom and sister want some seeds

Cinnamon Candle - I love the scent of cinnamon, it just makes my house feel more like a home

Undeniably Yours by: Becky Wade - I'm almost done with Safe Haven so I can't wait to start on a new book by an author I've never read

Cara Box

I would love to thank Michelle again for this wonderful Cara Box!! It was a perfect one to end with for the summer. 

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